Are you obsessed with your dog? Check these 14 signs and see!

By on May 22, 2018

We always have our fingers on the pulse of the local pet community and keep an eye out for national stories that are important to us all as animal lovers. Sometimes, though, our interest is piqued by some content that’s not all that newsy, but just plain fun.

Charles Hardy from recently shared with us a list of 14 signs that you are obsessed with your dog and we’re curious to see what readers think about the list AND whether any of you are truly obsessed (we think we know the answer already). Take a peek, be honest, and let us know where you stand by logging in and leaving a comment or reacting to this post on our Facebook page. Enjoy!


14 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog

1. You talk with your dog

2. You cancel plans to stay at home with Fluffy

It’s Friday night, all of your friends are going to party and have a great time, but you don’t want your pup to stay alone. Do you ditch your friends and end up spending the night curled with Fluffy on the sofa watching the Animal Channel?

3. Your dog looks better than you

When it comes to your dog, you never miss a grooming appointment and your pooch always looks his best.

4. You treat your dog like he is your child

5. You talk about your dog all the time

Every time people talk about random things you start talking about your dog.

6. Your dog has at least ten nicknames

7. Your dog eats better than you

Proper and high-quality food goes a long way in ensuring that your pup will stay healthy and in your company longer. Sometimes you spend so much on your dog’s food that you are certain that it tastes better than yours.

8. Your house is full of toys

9. Your bed is reserved for your dog

10. Your dog is in family pictures

11. Your dog is really your best friend

12. Your dog is better than other dogs

 13. You get jealous when others love on your pup

14. You can’t imagine your life without your dog


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