Can Pugs Swim?

By on December 30, 2020

Pugs may not get excited about being around water since they are usually not born to swim. There is a common misconception that every dog can swim, but that is not always the case. All dogs can swim purely out of instinct. When your pug gets in the water, it will be able to swim out to save its life. Pugs can instinctively dog paddle when placed in water. Some of the reasons why pugs usually struggle swimming while others do well are short snout, no webbed feet, and short legs.

The pugs usually have difficulty keeping their heads afloat to breathe while swimming due to the heavier heads and short snout. The pugs’ physical structure of having short legs and a long body makes them not suitable for swimming. Though, pugs can swim when introduced to water and trained from a young age. Here are what you need to do when introducing your pug to water:

Introduce Bit by bit

When starting your pug on how to swim, you need first to ensure that you have enough patience to master all or part of some training tips. When starting your training, you need first to introduce simple tricks before going to the complicated ones. Most people start by taking their pugs and throwing them into the water, and when the pug manages to swim out, they assume that they know and enjoy swimming. The pugs will only swim out due to their instinct but not because they enjoy the process. Throwing your pugs in the water will only make them fear getting in it. If you want your pugs to enjoy Swimming, you need to lure them into getting in the water by themselves willingly. Start by training your pug on a shallow surface, such as in a bathtub, before proceeding to the pools and lakes. When starting on the lakes and reservoirs, you need to start on the shallow areas.

Supervise Your Pug

You need always to supervise your pig while in the water. Consider helping your pugs by lifting their heads to enable them to breathe well while swimming. Even if your pugs enjoy swimming, you need not leave your pug in the water or let them get in the water by themselves since the pugs cannot stay in the water for long. When walking around the pool with your pug, you need to ensure that you always watch over it. Just like the kids, when you are not looking at them, they do something mysterious; without watching over your pug, it may end up causing an accident. Watching over your pug will enable you to rectify any problem caused by the pug at an earlier stage. You can also make your pug wear swimming jackets available at PETstock Australia to help them swim.

Consider Training Them How To Get Out Of Water

After teaching your pug the basics of swimming and getting in the water, you need to ensure that you teach your pug how to get out of the pool. While you are training your pug, you need to ensure that your pug knows precisely how to get out of the water. If you are training on the pool, you need to help them identify where the states are by placing something visible on the staircases, such as plants or toys. This will enable your pug to avoid getting out of the pool using a deep end. Being able to identify the exit will allow your pug to swim to the end confidently.

Consider Taking Breaks between Sessions

You need to always check for exhaustion on your pugs while swimming. Since pugs cannot keep their heads up for long to enable them to breathe well while swimming, they may tend to get tired very often. Therefore, you need to consider having breaks in between the swimming sessions. This is going to enable your pugs to relax and thereby understanding and enjoying the next session.

Having all these in mind while taking your pugs for swimming sessions, you will be able to get your pug to enjoy swimming successfully. It would help if you also considered the safety tips while in the water, such as having your pool with a fence not to cause unnecessary accidents. You can also ensure that your pool is well covered to get a stable temperature favorable for your pug. You can also consider Hiring a trainer available at PETstock in Australia to help you train your pug to swim in case you are busy and have no time to train your pug.

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