“Flurry” was frozen to a storm drain before NHS saved her from the cold

By on December 8, 2018

If it’s cold in Omaha, you can be sure of a couple of things- one of which is that the Nebraska Humane Society will be defrosting cats.

You may remember “Popsicle” from a few years ago; she was a nine-week-old kitten found quite frosty by construction workers and nursed to health at the shelter. Now, another tale of frozen feline makes us proud to have such a caring and responsive shelter in our city.

Flurry” is the latest chilly kitty to be saved at the state’s largest shelter, a black cat found frozen to a storm drain near 52nd and Drexel. Her paws were literally stuck to the drain and had to be detached using a bath of warmish water.

After being extracted, Flurry was taken to the shelter at 89th and Fort Streets where she, about 3-4 months old, was cleaned and warmed up. At the shelter, The Nebraska Humane Society’s Facebook page reported, the kitty’s temperature was too low to register. Flurry was also given hydrotherapy treatment which comforts and cleans. Flurry has since been fed and kept warm while her sore paws get better.

When she’s ready, she’ll be sent home with a forever family that will keep her safe and warm.

At this point, the Nebraska Humane Society is giving cats that are six months old and older away to good homes for free. The shelter is often full of cats and will host adoption specials like this to prevent euthanasia it doesn’t have to conduct. Please adopt when and if you can, and never shop for an animal.

Check out available cats at the shelter here: Www.nehumanesociety.org/adopt/cats


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