Frankie was dumped at a shelter, rescued by Helping Hand for Animals, and now needs your help

By on September 3, 2019

Periodically, we get word from a rescue friend or group about an animal that needs special help. As often as we can, we help spread the call, compelled to aid, in this case, Helping Hand for Animals, in attempts to save a dog’s life.

In this case, Frankie will benefit from a fundraiser meant to pay for orthopedic surgery he needs. Frankie was dumped off at the shelter this summer by his owners, presumably because they wouldn’t or couldn’t deal with his medical issue.

Frankie is a sweetheart who deserves a chance to be healthy. He’s only three and could be paralyzed later in life if he doesn’t get some help now.

Helping Hand for Animals hopes to see you there, but if you can’t make it, there are other ways to support the rescue.

The group’s current online Fun-raiser is through Grounds and Hounds- you get a 15% discount using the link below. Proceeds will go to our rescue as well!

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