Holiday Pet Safety Tips

By on November 25, 2020

The winter holiday season is one of the most exciting times for pet owners and their pets. However, due to the excitement, we can easily forget about how much danger this period can mean to our furry friends.

From candy to mistletoe and from forgotten lit candles to fireworks, many holiday specialties can be a real threat to pets.

Human food can be toxic to pets

One of the most common mistakes we can make is offering human food to our loved furry friends. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, but unfortunately, many human foods can be toxic to pets. Ingredients and treats like raisins, xylitol and chocolate should be kept away from your pets’ reach as they can cause serious harm. If you want to offer them something special, you should buy or make treats formulated for them.

Be careful with seasonal plants 

Holiday plants are really pretty and you may think that they aren’t harmful, but did you know that any kind of lily can be lethal to your cat? In fact, many holiday plants can be poisonous to your pet. Mistletoe, pine, and holly can be toxic if animals try to eat them. 

Although the steps mentioned above are really important when it comes to your pets’ safety during the festive season, there are many more things to keep in mind. You can download the checklist below which includes 10 more tips. Feel free to check it out every time you feel the need and your furry companion will surely be safe during this exciting time of the year.

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