“Hook” the goose saved by NHS Wildlife Rehab

By on November 3, 2016

We all know the Nebraska Humane Society adopts out thousands of animals each year, but its duties extend outside of helping homeless pets. Outside of adoption, city animal control, and other services, the NHS works with wildlife needing help as well.

The Nebraska Humane Society Dispatch got a call recently of a goose who was the victim of fishing gear at Halleck Park in Papillion.  Officers responded and were able to capture the goose to offer aid.  The guy had a large hook completely worked through his wing.  Fishing line that had wrapped around his right leg had embedded under the skin and he needed further medical treatment under anesthesia to remove it.

“This is the fourth goose we’ve seen this year who has been injured by hooks and fishing line,” said Officer Kelli Browne.  The goose was trying to get the hook out of his wing using his beak—which could have caused even worse problems had he been successful and then swallowed it.

This is a good “heads up” to anyone who enjoys fishing in our many area ponds. Something as innocent as a line and hook left behind can cause real pain to wildlife.



The goose (affectionately being called Hook) will be heading to Wildlife Rehab Inc. for further help before being rereleased.


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