Invest in your pets (literally, in the stock market)

By on June 11, 2018

One tenet the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, subscribes to is that he’ll not invest blindly in something just because fundamentals look good or he’s got a hunch on an industry; rather, he’s got to be familiar with the products, services, and feelings that the invested-in companies  provide to people. Think Nebraska Furniture Mart, newspapers, or the railroad. These things are not just businesses, but things vital to the place he knows best.

So, when you’re investing for the future, why wouldn’t you think the same way?

As a pet parent, you know about the food your pets eat, the products that help your animals, and the money you spend on everything you need for your companion animals. Investing in things that are beneficial to the well-being of pets and people who own them, like you, seems like a one-to-one in comparing yourself to Warren.

Now that this idea makes sense to you, think about this: “Overall, U.S. consumers spent $70 billion on pets in 2017, up four percent from the prior year, with additional increases expected in 2018, according to the American Pet Products Association, a trade group.” that’s what a recent CNBC article  states in revealing that investors can soon buy into a fund that focuses on the financial future of the pet industry.

Gabelli, a big fund family available for purchase in various American indexes,  plans to roll out its Gabelli Pet Parent Fund — Companion Pets, Their Parents, and The Ecosystems which will allow you to bet on the future of companion animals and related industry.

If you are interested, check with your financial institutions about availability and advice. The CNBC article listed above provides more background and reasons for the fund’s demand.

Take a look and, if you’re confident that spending will continue to increase on pets, plan for the future with companies that love animals like you do.

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