The NHS Needs New Foster Families!

By on May 8, 2014

The Nebraska Humane Society has recently had a couple of key foster families move away, so it is looking for some Omaha families to take in cats and dogs as foster pets in order to prep them for adoption.

Foster families take pets out of the shelter who are not ready for adoption and “foster” them in their homes until they are ready. Putting animals in foster homes frees up space at the shelter for animals who are ready for adoption, and it provides a less stressful environment for medical rehabilitation and for babies to grow, develop and socialize. Some foster  animals are undergoing medical treatments and need recovery time, but many this time of year are litters of kittens who come in and are too young to be adopted out. The NHS sends those animals to families who play with and socialize them as they develop. The cats come back as great little kitties who love human interaction. Typically, foster pets are in a home for a month or so and the NHS provides all necessary supplies to foster families.

Many people come to the NHS and ask if they can foster if they currently have pets. The answer is yes. To start the application process, the NHS has prospective foster families fill out a foster care application. The shelter’s coordinators then meet with applicants, check out their houses to assure the animals of a good environment, then offer up suggestions as to the best place to foster available pets. The shelter sends large wire crates that the babies often spend the day in and then, when people get home from work, a little play time and handling helps with socialization and adoption preparation. Many folks use a spare room or a recreation room to house foster animals.

Fostering animals and preparing them for adoption is not only a great opportunity for you to help pets, but a wonderful way you can help the shelter and its adoption success rate. The experience is rewarding and provides a helping hand to the Nebraska Humane Society. If you are interested in fostering animals from the NHS, your first step should be to examine the brochure link below. Think you are ready to become one of the NHS’s foster families? Contact the Nebraska Humane Society and get started on the application process! The NHS is located at 89th and Fort Streets in Northwest Omaha. Simply ask the front desk for a foster family application and you’ll be on your way towards consideration!

View the FosterCare Brochure


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