Omaha rescue groups: Can you help Debo, Helping Hand for Animals?

By on August 6, 2019

Any time we’re asked to help with a reasonable request, we’ll oblige. In the case below, a ten-year-old rescue and his rescue have a need that another area rescue group can help with. If you are a volunteer for a group or can share this with anyone who might be able to help, please do.

Debo is a neutered male and he’s fully vetted. He was adopted years ago through an independent rescuer under Helping Hand for Animals’ umbrella, but the rescuer has not been of any help to him or the people who want to do right by Debo.

Rose Coco of Helping Hand: “We are currently out of resources for a foster home or long term boarding, but if you know of anyone who can take him in, Helping Hand for Animals will cover all of his vet care needs until his last day.
We have done this before with senior or special needs dogs and it worked out well.”
Again, Debo is 10 years old. He’s currently in good health. He has tumors, but at this time they are benign. He’s a couch potato. He does best in a home with no small animals. Possibly, a laid back female dog may work also.
If you know of anyone who just wants a dog to chill with, is caring, responsible, but may not be financially ready to take on a dog for the next several years, please let them know of Debo and Helping Hand’s offer.
Contact Rose at with any leads. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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