Quality Life for Your Pet: How to Use CBD Oils

By on December 24, 2019
In recent years, CBD oil has revolutionized the way we treat and manage pain and anxiety, in order to improve quality of life. Finding the best CBD oil is an accessible, safe and easy task for people all around the globe. 

But what about our animal friends? Bringing relaxation, joy and increased mental wellbeing to their human companions, pets are much-loved members of our communities. Whether it’s a canine pal, a cat or indeed a bird, lizard, ferret or hamster, you always want to make sure that your animal is happy and receiving optimal care. 

Quality of life for your pet can mean a variety of things. From ensuring they get the right amount of exercise to stimulating toys and a healthy, balanced diet; pet owners experience a plethora of daily decisions which add up to the overall quality of life and care. An anxious animal can be difficult to treat. However, CBD oil is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to treat their animals in a natural and low-impact way. Visit savedelete to learn more about the CBD products that have been considered safe for animals.

Why Use Cannabis Oil for Pets? 

When it comes to anxious and ill animals, it can be genuinely difficult to make the right choices. Unlike human patients, our animal friends can’t indicate directly whether a treatment is working or not. However, like all living things, they can experience anxiety, illness, pain and distress. CBD oil can be a great relief for anxiety. Over 60% of people taking CBD oil do so for anxiety management.

This has led to the popularisation of its use for pets, too. As a relatively early commercial industry for pets, there is not much specific research around it, however, anecdotal evidence shows that CBD oil can help create a sense of calm and relaxation in previously anxious animals. 

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. A common misconception is that CBD oil will, in some way, create the same psychoactive response as THC, which is the compound within cannabis responsible for its psychoactive properties. As different and separate parts of the plant, this simply isn’t the case. Animals and humans won’t have the “stoned” feeling that THC brings, which would obviously be unethical and stressful to induce in an animal. 

In terms of where to get started for using CBD oils with your pets, there are a few key elements to look into. 

Using CBD Oil: Choosing a Product 

Firstly, you have to decide which is the right product for your pet. Something that works fantastically on a human may be less effective in an animal, and so it’s important to use very low doses and experiment to see what works best for relieving anxiety. Doing relevant research on the best CBD oil is recommended. 

There are pet-specific products out there, however as these usually come in the form of treats, you may find that you don’t have much control over the dosage that way. Oil is recommended for being able to control dosage. This oil also comes in pet-specific brands. The industry is still fairly unregulated, so it’s important to really look into the ingredients contained within the best CBD oil you’re purchasing. 

Concentrations of CBD oils are different depending on the pill or tincture it comes in. Higher doses have stronger effects. When using on your pet, you should use a very low to moderate concentration of oil, in order to ensure that no negative effects are being felt. 

In addition, CBD comes in isolate and full-spectrum forms, and the form of the oil also differs by seller and so you should consider which is the best option for your animals. 

Many CBD products for humans are flavoured with sweetener, often Xylitol. This is toxic for animals, and should definitely be avoided. Watch out for Xylitol in any CBD products you purchase. 

It’s worth spending a little more money and perhaps even buying in person, so that you can ask as many questions as you need to about how it may affect your animal. 

How to Administer CBD Oil to Your Pet 

Oil which comes in the form of tincture is the best option. Using a dropper you can try to directly squeeze the oil into your pet’s mouth – they may lick the dropper pen anyway out of curiosity! That’s certainly the easiest option. 

Drops can also be added to your pet’s food or water. This will allow them to eat or drink it without noticing, as often the smell of their food will cover the taste of any CBD. 

This quick run-through of how to use CBD oils for your pet aims to educate and spread awareness on how to increase your pet’s quality of life using natural, organic options. Enjoy! 

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