Speaker shares puppy mill concerns with Doane College students

By on October 31, 2016

“Nebraska is one of the biggest producers of puppy mills,” Andrea Holmes, associate professor of Chemistry at Doane University said recently in a presentation to students at the college. Nebraska is one of the top seven states in the country that produces puppy mill dogs.

Holmes is one of many who are concerned with the lack of education and awareness for puppy mill advocacy given that mills are such a big problem here and elsewhere. Luckily, Pets in Omaha has helped to shed light on the issue with help of people like Mindi Callison of Bailing Out Benji, the folks behind Dog by Dog, a documentary about Puppy Mills, and the Nebraska Rescue Council.

A recent recap of the event where Holmes spoke on mills can be found here.

Holmes is involved with Hearts United, a no kill shelter in Auburn, NE. She called on her students to volunteer, become a veterinarian, or become someone who can play in a part in the legal process in order to speak up and speak out about mills.

“Be active, take courage, be radical,” Holmes says.

If you’d like to find out how you can become involved, read our Puppy Mill/Advocacy articles, donate to places like Bailing Out Benji and the Nebraska Rescue Council, and become more informed through reading about mills online.

Thanks to Holmes for spreading the word at Doane and thanks to you for spreading her message and the good work of others like her!

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