Tips for Keeping Reptile Pets in a Home with a Dog

By on December 22, 2020
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As reptile pets become more common due to social media exposure, reptile expos and a younger generation that has more interest in them, those living in homes with existing pets aren’t sure what to make of it. Bringing a snake or iguana into your home may be intimidating for some people. But, when you add a dog into the mix it gets even more confusing. 

Having a dog doesn’t instantly mean bringing a reptile into your home is impossible, but you do want to ensure both your dog or dogs and new reptile are going to stay safe.

Preparation is Key

Keeping dogs and reptiles in the same home is possible. To do so successfully though requires proper preparation. Here are three tips to ensure a happy home for all.

Choose the Right Reptile

Not all reptiles are OK in homes with dogs. For example, toads are toxic to dogs if accidentally eaten. Of course you don’t want your dog to eat your reptile pet, but accidents happen. 

Keeping iguanas in houses that have dogs is also generally frowned upon unless you can keep them completely separated at all times. Iguanas can be aggressive and they can also get extremely stressed from just seeing dogs.

On the other hand most snakes couldn’t care less if there’s a dog around. They should still be kept safely away from the dog, but if a curious dog gets into the room where you keep your snake, their sniffing around the enclosure won’t stress your snake out.

Security is Paramount

No matter what reptile you choose to keep as a pet, they will need some type of enclosure. If you choose one that requires a completely sealed enclosure like a frog or a gecko, you’ll want to make sure they are always secure. You don’t need your bullfrog or crested gecko wandering freely around your home.

Even very popular reptile pets like ball pythons require a little more attention when there’s a dog nearby. Though they’re a fairly easy species to care for some will turn into escape artists if the enclosure you use is not completely secure.

For an added level of security keep them in a room that is not accessible by your dog. For example, keeping your reptile in a finished basement or a home office with a door you can lock are great ways to add a second level of security between them and your dog.

You Know Your Dog

When it comes to keeping dogs and reptiles in the same home, the most important factor isn’t the reptile. The most important factor is your dog. 

Some dogs have experience with stumbling across reptiles outside. Did they find a box turtle outside, show a little curiosity then lose interest? Maybe they’ll be OK with a reptile in the house. 

Or, do they go crazy whenever they see anything move? 

If you have an overly inquisitive dog or a very aggressive and protective one, you’ll need to think hard if bringing a reptile in your home is worth it. It doesn’t mean you can’t do so, but you will want to go above and beyond keeping them away from one another at all times. 

In Summary

Dogs and reptiles can live in the same home. You will need to prepare appropriately and choose the right type of reptile pet, but if you really want one don’t let dog ownership make you feel like it’s impossible. 

Take your time, do your research and think about how you can keep both pets safe and you’re sure to have a rewarding experience.

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