Use these print outs to keep pets safe and on schedule

By on September 29, 2021

The Zebra is a nice resource for pet owners and includes much you’ll be interested in reading and saving. Below, you’ll find a couple of tips about keeping pets safe and healthy, plus access to some printable materials that will help you feed pets right and stay on schedule with medications.

Just as with humans, animals need nutritious food and regular exercise in order to stay healthy. For dogs, try introducing fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins that are packed with nutrients into their diet. Make sure to avoid dangerous foods for your pet and choose things your dog can safely eat like carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas and blueberries. In addition to giving your dog healthy foods, regular exercise through walks and play can help combat any pre-existing conditions like diabetes and prevent obesity in your pet, which can increase what you pay for your pet insurance policy.

If you’re looking to switch up your cat’s diet, they can eat many of the same foods that are safe for dogs. Some good human foods to feed your feline friend are whole grains in very small amounts, cooked vegetables like broccoli and carrots and proteins like eggs and fish. Even if your cat seems to do just fine sleeping all day, exercise is still important. Some cats may enjoy being walked with a leash, but most cats can get the exercise they need through playtime. Bring out your kitty’s favorite toys and they’ll have fun while you keep them fit — pro tip: rotate cat toys to prevent boredom.

Click here to find printable charts that list foods that are safe and not safe for pets.


Although most pet insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, not every company’s policies are the same. It’s best to compare pet insurance carriers to find the best coverage for your pet and your budget. Look into whether different policies cover more than others as your pet ages, compare monthly costs and deductibles and see if you can find a policy with a shorter waiting period before coverage begins.

Click here to print a pet medication tracker for your animals, or try the pet medication log!


Owning a pet can mean years of joy, love and companionship for both you and your furry friend. As you and your pet move through life together, make sure that you’re well-equipped to handle whatever health concerns may come their way. Whether or not your pet has pre-existing conditions, pet insurance offers financial support and peace of mind if unexpected health concerns arise for your animal companion. With your pet’s well being taken care of, you can focus on enjoying the years spent together and all the rewards that come along with your furry friend.

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