“Magic” Rescue dog remembered as his final day comes

“From the first day we got him,” says Rose Coco of Helping Hand Rescue, “Parker was magic.” Rescued from a shelter in Kansas, Rose knew Parker had an extraordinary personality. And as Parker’s final day came, Rose and others remember one magical dog.

Parker’s forever home became his former home, then he was diagnosed with a terminal condition. Ahead of his last day, however, Rose and company made sure he was happy. “Even as he got sick, he brought so many together,” Rose says. “Strangers drove from parts of Iowa and Nebraska just to be with him. Online, Parker had people rooting for him from Washington to Georgia to New York and New Jersey to Europe.” Some of those visitors brought treats and others sent him goodies, meals, toys, and more.

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Parker lived out his final days at S&B Kountry Kennel in Glenwood, IA. Coco is appreciative of the staff and owner who became “Parker’s best friend and true dad til the end.”

Parker lives in the hearts of everyone who’s ever met him, cared for him or seen his sweet face, Coco says, and she truly believes he was a magical dog. “No doubt, Parker was Magic,” she says, and “magic never goes away.”