Pet Services

Our stories are housed in a number of categories on a number of pages, but we’ve separated everything we write about as being one of two things: a Pet Service or a part of the Pet Community. Below, you’ll find links to where you can read about all of our Pet Service content. Click the links in each paragraph to go to pages with content about what you are looking for!



Since 2013, we’ve partnered with a variety of pet-friendly businesses and this is where we tell their stories. Learn about our local retailers, about national services that can make your life easier, and about businesses that don’t work with animals but love them. Click here to read dozens of stories on our Pet Partners.



If you have a pet, you’ll want to find a local vet who you trust and who can provide the best level of care. Whether you want a young and fresh vet, an established and widely-known doctor or just want to find the one closest to your home, check out our Veterinarians page for recommendations, tips from doctors, and more. Vets come in large and small clinics, run emergency clinics, can prescribe medications and much more.



Some animals are unruly. Others have learned to be wild and crazy without any order or direction. If you want your new (or old) pet to learn commands, take better walks with you, treat family members better, or just learn some basic manners, animal trainers are all over the place. Whether it’s at a local humane society or rescue organization, at a private trainer’s facility or with an advocacy group, trainers can be found and utilized fairly easily. Check out features we’ve written about trainers and learn some tips and tricks on our Training Page.



There are many things you can do at home to keep your animals and pets clean and healthy, but if you want to employ the best professionals in your area, check out our Grooming Page. These pros will treat your animals with great care, clean them thoroughly, clip nails, trim fur and do much more. Often, groomers also provide boarding services, sell pet products and can watch your pets for the day. Check out our posts here and see which business provides you and your pet with everything needed.



Leaving town for a few days? If you don’t have a friend, family member or regular pet sitter who can help you out, you may want to check in with some of the best boarding houses and pet day cares. All day cares and boarding houses provide the essentials, and that may be all you need. Others provide a spa-like environment and pamper your pets. Take a look at boarding options here and choose the one that is best for you and your furry friend.


Pet Food Stores

Specialty items are becoming more popular and new local businesses that cater to natural and special diets are popping up more and more. If you’re looking for advice on diet, raw food, natural chew toys, or any other dietary ideas that you can’t get at the pet food aisle at the supermarket, check out our Pet Food Stores Page for your special animal food needs.


Pet Insurance

Vet bills can sometimes be very expensive or a big surprise. For occasions like this, pet insurance can help pet owners a great deal. Tips on how and where to buy (and why) pet insurance can be found on our Pet Insurance Page here.


Pet Products

Whether we’ve reviewed a product, have found a cool new item we encourage you to try, or are updating you on what our partners have for your pets to enjoy, our Pet Products page is where you’ll want to be!


End of Life Care

The end of your pet’s life is a difficult time. There are many decisions to be made, many feelings to deal with, and confusion on what to do for your pet, family, and self. Luckily, we have friends and partners who can help you cope, decide on memorialization, euthanasia, and much more. Support groups, advice, and more can be found on our End of Life Care page.



Periodically, there are low-cost spay and neuter clinics around town, new information about when and why to spay and neuter, and where to go if your animal needs surgery. You’ll find this information on our Spay/Neuter page.


Service Animals

Our Service Animals Page is full of stories about people who use service animals, organizations that train animals, and news about service animals that are working in our community. Find out how to help train, attain, or learn more about service animals here.


Dog Fencing

Whether you have a neighborhood covenant and are in need of a fence, have a dog that requires a taller-than-normal fence or want to install invisible fencing for your pets, you’ll find great companies on our Dog Fencing page that can fulfill all of your fencing needs. Repairs, designs, advice and more will be available from these great folks.


Pet Sitters

We’re all busy. Whether it’s a business trip or family vacation that prevents you from being home for your animals, a lack of time or an emergency which renders you helpless when it comes to the care of your animals, don’t fret.  While you are away, sitters can be of great help. Dog Walking services that periodically check on your pets throughout the day are available also if you’re wishing to keep your animal in the home while you’re away. Find out about people who can care for your pets while you’re gone here.


Pet Stores

Outside of the locally-owned, mostly natural pet food selling stores, are “big box” stores that sell thousands of products for all your animals. Read about these stores and what they do here.


Exotic Animals

There are more and more pet owners who love keeping snakes, reptiles and other exotic pets in their homes. While traditional pet stores often carry food, tanks and other supplies, exotic pet stores will have a greater selection of goods you and your exotic pet might want for your home. Read about exotic pets here.



Green spaces, dog parks, places that you and your pets can explore together you might not have known of, and more can be found in our Places section. Find out where you can shop, dine, and romp around together on our Places Page.