Pet Community

Our stories are housed in a number of categories on a number of pages, but we’ve separated everything we write about as being one of two things: a Pet Service or a part of the Pet Community. Below, you’ll find links to where you can read about all of our Pet Community content. Click the links in each paragraph to go to pages with content about what you are looking for!


Pet People

A Pet Person on Pets in Omaha can be a regular man or woman with an amazing story. He or she can also be a famous face we all know who happens to love animals. In our Pet People category, we display tons of interviews with special folks with a special place in their hearts for companion animals. Click here to read profiles and interviews from our Pet People.



Our Events page is always full of links to calendars and detailed information about meet and greets, fundraisers, public gatherings and more. Sometimes we highlight special events in their own posts. When we do that, you’ll find details and information in posts from our Events category, which can be found here. 


Helpful Information

Whether it’s a tip on pet care or pet safety, a how-to article, or a bit of advice for pet ownership, our Helpful Information page will aid you in being an informed and educated pet mom or dad. Read, learn, and find tons of information on our Helpful Information page. 


Pets in Omaha Outreach 

Over the years, tens of thousands of people have attended our Pick-a-Pooch Adoption Day events. We’ve also held numerous Donation Day Drives benefiting local shelters. In 2016, we launched a non-profit called Kirby’s Hope. When we want to tell you about the good we try to do and how you can help us help the pet community, you’ll find that information on our Pets in Omaha Outreach page.


Nebraska Humane Society Spotlight

Nebraska’s largest Humane Society is right here in Omaha – the Nebraska Humane Society. When we get special reports on topical issues, want to highlight a program the shelter runs, or wish to inform you about services that the shelter provides, we’ll write about it in our Nebraska Humane Society Spotlight page. You’ll also find features on the people behind the scenes who make the shelter go.



Sometimes there’s a pet health alert we should all know about. Other times there’s a bit of special news concerning one of our Pet Partners. When we break news or give timely information about the pet community, you’ll find our news posts on our News page. 


Rescue Friends

There are dozens of great volunteer-led rescue organizations in and around our area. We’ve met and interviewed many of them and have provided readers with information about the people who lead rescues, the history of these humane organizations, their processes, and how to get in touch whether you want to foster, adopt, or volunteer. To meet area rescue groups, peruse our Rescue Friends page. Our events page will also always be full of fundraisers and meet and greets involving these groups.


Adoptable Pets

Between our local shelters and rescue groups, there are literally hundreds of animals waiting to be adopted every day. We can’t possibly highlight all of them, but when a dog or cat has been in foster care for too long or when a rescue group wants us to help tell a special animal’s story, you’ll find that story in our Adoptable Pets page.


Advocacy/Puppy Mills

On our Advocacy/Puppy Mills page, you’ll find a ton of information about people and groups who are fighting for animal rights and humane legislation each and every day. From peaceful protestors to huge non-profit organizations with big ideas and plans, you’ll find coverage of animal advocacy and puppy mill fighters here. Read, share, and learn how you can get involved in the fight for animal rights and humane treatment here and around the world.


Help the Animals

Whenever we can, we’ll urge you to donate, volunteer, foster, adopt, and lend a helpful hand to rescues, shelters, and animals in need. Once in a while, however, there’s an urgent situation or a special story that needs more attention. A shelter’s heater goes out and it needs to be replaced. A rescue group’s facility gets hit by a tornado. A campaign is being executed to save a large number of animals in need. Stories like this can be found in our Help the Animals category. 


Midlands Humane Society Spotlight

MHS is Council Bluffs’s newest and nicest shelter. Located just west of the interstate on the northeast edge of town, MHS is growing and adopting more animals each year. When they’ve got an event they’d like to tell you about, when a special animal from the shelter needs to tell you his or her story, or when a new program starts we’d like you to know about at MHS, you’ll find coverage on the Midlands Humane Society Spotlight page. 


Town & Country Humane Society

Located in Papillion, NE, Town & Country has been a friend of Pets in Omaha since we started. They’ve been a part of two of our Donation Drives and have appeared at many of our Pick-a-Pooch Adoption Days. They’ve also held events and fundraisers, helped us highlight ways you can help the shelter, and are always looking to get more people involved in what they do. For our coverage and information on Town & Country, click here.



When we cover shelters, we are likely writing about the Nebraska Humane Society, Town & Country Humane Society, or Midlands Humane Society. There are times, however, when we hear stories from other area shelters (and even shelters around the country) that spark our interest and make us want to tell their stories. Read about what shelters are doing to help animals on our Shelters page here. 


Hearts United for Animals

Hearts United for Animals is a giant rescue operation in Auburn, NE, and we take many opportunities to tell readers what it does, how readers can help, and how HUA is making a difference in Nebraska and around the country. Whether it’s a story about how you can donate or a post about a big rescue event HUA has been a part of, we’ll highlight the rescue’s stories on our Hearts United for Animals page.



Want to know what’s new in the pet community? Our trends page will let you know about big changes on the horizon, plans to change the way we care for and include our pets, and fill you in on new happenings in and around our area. If there’s a big movement happening around the country or even around the world, you can find us highlighting it as well on our Trends page.



Stories from our team, opinion pieces from our writers, and general human/pet interest stories are what you’ll find on our Stories page. Dog history, fresh takes on current events, commentary and more can be found here.


Notes from Pets in Omaha

Sometimes our team wants to say thanks. Other times, we’d like to provide a recap of an event we hosted or participated in. Whenever there’s a letter we’ve written to readers, a special thanks due, or a milestone we’d like to tell you about, you can read these types of things on our Notes from Pets in Omaha page.