Weekend Update

This page is made up of photos and information from pet-friendly events we attend throughout the year. Omaha pet events are always fun and hopefully by seeing these highlights, you’ll want to get out and enjoy them for yourself! Are you a partner of ours? If you’d like, send your photos and updates from your events and we’ll promote them!

Weekend Update – October 4, 2015 – Paws in the Garden




Weekend Update – August 1, 2015 – CARnival @ the Nebraska Humane Society



Weekend Update – July 11, 2015 – Grand Opening of 90th and Center Long Dog Fat Cat

Long Dog Fat Cat’s second store (the first is at Village Pointe) is officially open on the northeast corner of 90th and Center! Today, LDFC is hosting a Grand Opening party and giant sale. Select items like toys, collars, food and raw foods are at least 30% off with some items being buy one get one free. Cake, cookies, chips, drinks, cupcakes and other goodies are there for humans; treats for dogs are also available.

The store has a red carpet and a LDFC backdrop for photos and each dog who comes gets a free tie to look spiffy for photos! Stop by today for the party and come tomorrow as the sale continues!

Hands, Hearts and Paws will be at the store from 11-3 today- many dogs pictured below are up for adoption!



Weekend Update – June 7, 2015 – Around town…

This weekend, we were all over Omaha, saying hello, checking in on events and looking into a new pet place! Check out photos below from Paws at the Mart, Dogtopia’s dog wash and Long Dog Fat Cat’s new location!


Weekend Update – April 25, 2014 – 2015 Bark in the Park Event

We had a great time despite the weather today. We reached a lot of new people and hopefully spread the word about how we help local shelters, rescues, pet-friendly businesses and also introduced our team to the public. Check out some photos from the event and be sure to like us on Facebook (facebook.com/petsinomaha) follow us on Twitter @pets_in_omaha and on Instagram @pets_in_omaha for more photos!




Weekend Update – February 28, 2014 – I Love My Dog Expo

Each year, the I Love My Dog Expo sets up in Lincoln and we’ve got some shots from this year’s event. For more events like this one, make sure to check out our events page!

Weekend Update – February 7, 2014 – The Green Spot’s 3rd Anniversary “Pawty”

Here are a couple of photos of the Green Spot as it celebrates its 3rd birthday! Jessica, Jennifer and Whitney invited everyone to come down to celebrate, enjoy special promotions and sales, plus enter to win prizes on this special occasion. Congratulations!



Weekend Update – October 26, 2014 – Pug-O-Ween!

The year’s biggest pug event drew a crowd today! Photos below include our friends, some pet partners and random fun pug people! The annual event benefits the Pug Partners of Nebraska rescue group.


Weekend Update – October 25, 2014

Check out photos from the Boston BOO! event which was held at Seymour Smith Park today!


GROWL-O-WEEN at Turner Park! Check out judge Andee Hoig of Metro Magazine and photos of pets in costume. What a beautiful day!


Weekend Update – October 19, 2014 – Check out some photos from the Midlands Humane Society in Council Bluffs as they held a Trick-or-Treat party today. Pets in costume? Yes please!


Weekend Update – September 27, 2014 – We hosted our first event today; the “Warmest Wishes” Donation Day at Plaza Buick GMC in Omaha. Hundreds showed up to donate and show support for Pets in Omaha and Town & Country. Thanks to all who donated! Details about the total donated to Town & Country are soon to follow!


Weekend Update – September 6/7, 2014 – We saw tons of fun and games at the Canine Carnival on Saturday for Promise4Paws, swimmers at Dog Day at the Bay on Sunday and a bunch of wonderful animal lovers at the Bark for Life event!


Weekend Update – August 24, 2014 – Here are some photos from a meet up the Nebraska Dachshund Rescue had at K9 Lives Rescue Boutique today!


Weekend Update – August 8, 2014 – We attended the book launch party for Shelley Wilson, author of the Mokie and Kade series of kids books in the morning, then shot over to the K*9 Lives Boutique to meet Julie Siebler and some friends. Many great dog activities around town today!


Weekend Update – July 19, 2014 – Nebraska Humane Society’s “CAR”nival benefiting the NHS was full of cool cars and pet loving folks! Take a look at some photos from the event and see our “Events” page for more gatherings like this one!


Weekend Update – April 26, 2014 – Bark in the Park!

At Hefflinger Dog Park at 112th and W. Maple Rd., we’re supporting local pet businesses and Omaha’s Dog Parks! Money raised today will go towards improving the dog parks in Omaha through the planting of trees, maintenance and more!


Weekend Update -April 19, 2014 – Hands, Hearts and Paws meet and greet at Long Dog Fat Cat


Also, The Little White Dog Rescue held a get together at K*9 Lives Boutique today!

Weekend update — April 12, 2014– Nebraska Dachshund Rescue Meet and Greet at K9 Lives

Julie Siebler heads up both K9 Lives, a pet boutique in the Bel Air Plaza, and the Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. Today, she held a meet and greet to gather Dachshund lovers from all over the area!


Weekend Update — February 22, 2014— I Love My Dog Expo

Domesti-PUPS, a volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing service dogs to those with special needs, hosted the I Love My Dog Expo today at the Lancaster Events Center in Lincoln. Our founder was there, along with thousands of others, to snap some photos to share with our readers. Over 80 vendors, fly ball and agility dogs, educators, volunteers and spectators took in the festivities today. You can attend the expo tomorrow, Feb. 23, 2014 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Admission is $6 for adults, kids under 12 and dogs are admitted free!


Weekend Update — January 25-26, 2014…. We attended an informative demonstration Sunday at Elkhorn South High School that was presented by Scott Dewey from Retrieving Freedom Inc. along with veterans and some of their service dogs. It was an incredible event. Great people and great animals!

RFI provides service dogs to veterans with disabilities and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They also train and provide service dogs to autistic children.

Service Examples of RFI dogs :

  • Orientation to any prosthetic limbs that will need to be retrieved
  • The ability to “brace” and support the weight of their veteran
  • Training on pulling and stopping wheelchairs
  • Reduction of heeling speed to one step at a time, for veterans on crutches
  • Specific complex task chains
    • Open fridge, get water, close fridge
    • Open dryer, get clothes, place in basket
    • Un-tie shoes, take off, place at door, take off socks
    • Get remote
    • Get phone
    • Push elevator buttons
    • Get groceries off shelf, place in cart
    • Open door, wait, shut door
    • Push a panic button in case of an emergency
  • These dogs will be the hands, legs, and friends of these veterans, providing companionship while coping with an emotional overload.

They shared with the audience many of these tasks. They also train dogs for service. It was very eye opening for so many of the things we take for granted. We want to thank them again for coming to Omaha and to thank the veterans for their service.
For more information on this nonprofit group www.retrievingfreedom.org


Weekend Update — January 18-19, 2014.… This weekend we were out and about with pets and pet people. On Saturday, we dropped by Pets Earth where they were hosting a meet and greet for The Little White Dog Rescue. A big turnout was seen. From there, we ventured out to Long Dog Fat Cat at Village Pointe where Hands, Hearts and Paws brought their furries for hopeful adoption. The place was packed, and we met a couple of the guys from Natura Pet Foods who were giving out samples. On Sunday,  we stopped by Dogtopia and checked in on their indoor park fundraiser for The Wonder Weims Rescue. What a wonderful January day for it. Long Dog Fat Cat also hosted another meet and greet on Sunday for Wag N Train Rescue. A busy weekend for these pets and pet lovers!


Weekend Update — November 2-3, 2013….  We visited Three Dog Bakery at Village Pointe where Little White Dog Rescue were having their meet and greet. Also close by at Long Dog Fat Cat they hosted Hands, Hearts and Paws rescue group for their meet and greet. These shop owners are so gracious to the groups in hopes of finding homes for these precious little creatures, and the rescue groups work all the time with these animals out of love. If you have never been out to a meet and greet, you should make the time! Also there was a fundraiser at Long Dog Fat Cat for the Sialai Animal Society. Send us your events so we can put them on our events page, and we will also get to as many of them as we can! Have a great week!


Weekend Update — October 26-27, 2013…. It was a Spooktacular weekend around town this last Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of pet owners dressed up their furry family members, and paraded them around at three different Halloween pet events. Halloweenie at Long Dog Fat Cat at Village Pointe, Growloween at Three Dog Bakery at Turner Park in Midtown , and Pugoween at the National Guard Armory on 71st and Mercy. These groups and business owners should be commended for all the hard work and money raised for homeless pets!


Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 Update- Shooting pics and video for our next Pet Person feature at the Nebraska Humane Society! Look at these adoptable pets who get training and care everyday from Pam Wiese and other pet specialists at the shelter.


December 14, 15, 2013 weekend- We saw a good turn out at K*9 Lives Rescue Boutique as well with The Little White Dog Rescue group. They had a lot of their fur babies there that need to find homes. You can reach out to them at www.littlewhitedogrescue.org We also found this litter of eight at Pets Earth on Saturday; their mama is a beagle…they are precious and need homes. If you are interested contact Hands, Hearts & Paws.  handsheartspaws@cox.net


Weekend Update- Jan. 11/12, 2014

We stopped by two rescue “meet and greets” this weekend. The weather cooperated and the turnout was greatat both events. Our first stop was at Hands, Hearts and Paws’ meetup at Pets Earth in Papillion. The group brought along dogs that were looking for a good home. The K*9 Lives Rescue Boutique was next- the place was packed! Here is what Julie Siebler, owner of the boutique, had to say after the event:
“To K*9 Lives Rescue Boutique and Nebraska Dachshund Rescue friends and supporters:We just wanted to send out a great big thank you to everyone who helped make the Duckshund Dynasty NDR Meet and Greet today at K*9 Lives so fun and successful! Nebraska Dachshund Rescue adopted out at least 2 wieners; acquired new fosters; raised about $125 in donations and sales to go to NDR from K*9 Lives Rescue Boutique. We had a very good crowd of supporters and dachshunds to keep us company! Thank you so much for participating and we hope everyone had a great time!”