Our 5th Anniversary Series: Oklahoma Animals Avoid Euthanasia Thanks to Omaha Rescues

In celebration of our 5th birthday, we’re highlighting five stories this month that speak to who we are as a resource for pet lovers and opportunity for advertisers. Please enjoy this and upcoming posts in our Fifth Anniversary Series, brought to you by one of our wonderful community partners- ComeSitStay.

The fourth article in our 5th Anniversary Series sponsored by ComeSitStay includes the story of dozens of Oklahoma animals who were scheduled to be put down- that is, until our local rescue community decided that wouldn’t happen. We’re putting this story in our series as an example of why we support local shelters and rescue groups, which is a large part of our mission at Pets in Omaha.

Earlier this year, when a Tulsa, Oklahoma shelter’s staff couldn’t bear the idea that over 50 of its animals would be euthanized because no space was available, it reached out to regional rescues, including a handful from in and around Omaha, for help. And when Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue, Little White Dog Rescue, and others agreed these deaths should be avoided, a plan was put in place and executed. Thanks to those groups, the Tulsa dogs were transported here and scooped up by life-saving humane organizations.

Click here to read the original story and admire the volunteers who made the decision to help, even though it wasn’t a simple task.

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