See 15 Health Benefits of pet ownership in this Informational Graphic

By on October 7, 2017

It’s been written about here and elsewhere: owning an animal is not only fun and rewarding in an emotional sense, but there are very real, proven health benefits we gain from pet ownership.

Wiley Pup has recently created an informational graphic that displays the 15 benefits. See it below.


Having a pet can decrease blood pressure and lower your heart rate, plus it can help relieve stress in a number of ways. Cuddling your animal can prove to be an acute reliever of stress AND having an animal around can prove to be beneficial to overall levels.

One of the ways an animal can help these things is through physical activity. If you’ve got a dog that loves to play, naturally you will be on the ground, chasing frisbees, and throwing balls around the park more often.

And when you are out and about with your animal, you’ll likely meet more people and increase social interactions as a result. So not only will you be more active, you’ll be combating things like lonliness and depression which cause us much emotional and physical pain. Less pain, depression and lonliness, plus increased physical activity may translate to lower medical expenditures as owners remain more healthy.

A relatively new (but proven) concept is that some animals can alert owners to oncoming sickness and even become aware of changing behaviors in their humans that may indicate symptoms of a bigger problem. Some dogs are trained to identify these things and are place with people who are diabetic, have epilepsy, or have children who have autism.

Sometimes the benefits are direct and easy to spot, other times they are gradual and subtle. Either way, there’s no doubt that owning a pet can be beneficial to your health.



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