3 benefits of an automatic litter box

By on October 4, 2019

The chore of cleaning out cat litter is a routine that even the most avid cat lover hates to do. There are numerous upsides to using an automatic cat litter box  and it is easy to see why it has gathered a lot of buzz in online communities.

The automatic litter box can serve to keep your house clean from the smelly litter of cats and maintain a very high level of hygiene that a traditional litter tray can’t give. Automatic litter boxes or robotic litters are different than other litter systems and can cost reasonably more. Generally, a self-cleaning litter box has too many benefits to be ignored, however.

Apart from the convenience they offer, they are a great addition to the home. Here are three top-notch benefits of purchasing an automatic litter box:

1.  Time and Money saver

Although the cost of an automatic cat litter is on the high side, they represent good value for money.  Depending on the type and brand you choose to buy you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to as high as $600 for a single unit. However, in the long run you would have saved yourself the annoying hassles of using a litter tray to take get of cat mess.

Automatic litter systems have been designed to ensure that you don’t have to throw out clean litter with used ones. The mechanism acts to transform used litter into ball-like shapes that are effectively expelled from the automatic litter. Automatic cat litters can save you hours.

More often than not, the strong smell from used cat litter forces owners to throw out the tray which can be costly with time. With an automatic cat litter system the problem of pungent smells is taken care of. Waste is easily scooped off saving you ample time spent cleaning.

2. Easy to use and clean

Cleaning traditional trays and regular litter boxes is not only time consuming but also a very tedious task to carry out.  You first need to ensure you have the right cleaning tools to take care of the mess, especially when the litter tray full and has changed color. You will also have a hard time cleaning out the litter that sticks to the walls of the tray. This can be quite an uncomfortable thing to do. If you go about it the wrong way you will end up spreading cat litter all over the place.

An automatic cat litter mitigates the need to scoop a litter tray or box all the time cleaning is required. There is no need for a brush to clean out litter clumped at the walls nor is they any need to worry that the litter might drop off the machine. Many automatic litters use trays with inbuilt refillable crystals.

These crystals absorb the urine and remove the odors from the solid waste by dehydrating them, leaving the house clean, fresh and sparkling with no indication of smelly cat litter around.  You only need to change out the cat tray once a month for each cat.

Once the waste drawer of the automatic cat litter is full all you need do is open the drawer to refill the disposable bag.  Replace that bag with a newer one and you are good to go.  You will have no problem doing this because the clean litter is separated from the solid clumped litter by an efficient mechanical means. The days of manually scooping out your litter are over.

3. Automatic litter box helps you save on litter

Most pet owners scoop out solid waste every day while others do it once in a couple of days. Whatever routine you employ, every now and then cat waste ends up sitting in litter more than is necessary. More litter is used up when wastes sit on it and will eventually get thrown away.

With the help of an automatic litter box, solid and liquid wastes are immediately expelled. This means that the litter inside the box will experience less clumping.

If you invest in an automatic litter box today, you will only have to replace the litter once a month or in two months depending on how it is used. Discover more benefits of an automatic litter box from catworld .

In Conclusion

The benefits of an automatic litter box cannot be overemphasized. There are many more that haven’t been discussed in this article. Choose to get one today to keep your home clean and fresh at all times.

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