The Friday Five – Bailing Out Benji, Puppy Mill Advocates in Rolling Stone Magazine

By on November 16, 2017

As part of this week’s Friday Five, five stories we’d encourage you to check out, we’re directing you to some pretty heavy reading! Back in January of 2017, Rolling Stone magazine featured an in-depth, eye-opening story that detailed America’s “dog factories,” taking a look inside “the sickening world of puppy mills.”

Pets in Omaha was extremely pleased not only to see the masses being educated on an issue so important to us, but we were super excited to see Bailing Out Benji, a great friend and advocate, cited in the article as people working to change this industry.

Hundreds of thousands of previously unaware readers were given a look inside that “sickening world,” and we hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it here.

Share this story with your dog friends and family members, and make sure to visit and follow the group on Facebook. If you’re an animal advocate, you must read and support!

On a related note, Bailing Out Benji and its founder, Mindi Callison, can be spotted in a recent documentary on puppy mills that we also urge you to see. Click here to learn more about the movie. It’s available on Netflix, Itunes, and many other streaming services.

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