The Friday Five – Take this survey and help pets stay healthy

By on November 16, 2017

American Veterinarian recently published details and news of a pet survey that could help your animals (and the ones you will own in the future) live healthier lives. You can take the quick, 26-question survey in order to help collect data.

The objective of the new survey is to look at patterns in diseases and health issues for residential cats and dogs in different parts of the country. “By discovering disease hotspots and pet health trends across the country, the survey will shed light on emerging pet health issues,” says American Veterinarian in this article.

Survey results will be collected until the year 2020 OR until 300,000 people have taken the instrument.

Questions on the survey ask general geographical information about where your cat/dog has lived, the animal’s sex, breed, and weight, whether the animal is spayed or neutered, and what you animal has consumed in its diet.

Take the survey here and read more about the survey at the above link.


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