The Friday Five – Recognize Diabetes in your dogs and react

By on November 17, 2017

Diabetes is a serious disease and needs to be managed in humans as well as pets. When your endocrine system, which regulates things like growth and metabolism, isn’t functioning correctly, there’s trouble. To end our Friday Five, five stories we’ve read and want to share with you, here’s an article on the seriousness of diabetes in animals.

A great post from Top Dog Tips can be found through the link below. Take a look at the symptoms here to quickly recognize diabetes in your pets. Diabetes is associated mostly with insulin levels and they may be off in your pup if she is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • increased urination
  • weight loss
  • glossed over eyes
  • excessive thirst
  • growth in appetite
  • seizures
  • fatigue

Take a look at the 8 ways to recognize and treat diabetes in this very informative post from Top Dog Tips.


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