5 Essential Tips For First-time Pet Owners

By on June 1, 2019

Owning a dog is an exciting moment for many people. However, taking care of a dog is not an easy task, especially if you have never owned a dog in your lifetime. A dog requires love, care and attention from its owner, and fulfilling all these requirements is not easy.

Notably, living with a dog also has some hitches. For instance, you may find your children or yourself develops allergy due the dog’s smell or fur. When this happens, you will have to make a choice on whether to let go the dog or find ways to maintain the problem. Allergies should not separate you from your beloved dog. This is due to the presence of “pet air purifies’’ in the market. Dog owners are usually advised to invest in a “best air purifier for pet”, an item that deals with the absorption and purification of smells, fur, and other substances from the dog, thus preventing allergies.

In addition to air purifiers, there are some guidelines that should be adhered to when dealing with a dog as a “first time dog owner”. They include;

Proper Diet and Water

A dog should be fed with the required amounts of nutrients and correct portions daily. Lack of proper feeding may result to malnourishment, a condition that requires medical attention. Notably, if the correct portions are not administered the dog may be obese, which is also a health problem. Notably, you should feed the dog with foods that do not contain lots of preservatives.

Additionally, you should cook for your dog often, to ensure that it gets all nutrients. Dog foods from stores do not contain all nutrients. After feeding, you should provide clean water for your dog. Water is necessary for hydration, especially during hot weather and also to aid in digestion.

Dog Supplies

After bringing a dog to your home, you have to buy him/her basic essentials for him/her to live comfortably. Choosing the correct items is not easy, due to the extensive variety of products.  The important items include bowls, collars, toys, towels and leashes. You can always consult other dog owners about the most important items.

Dog Training

All dogs require training. This is in regard to their behavior, communication and attention. You should therefore create time and teach your dog some orders. Training helps you to create a bond between the dog and you. The bond is necessary because the dog will be your companion for a long time. Notably, training will help you to gain control over the dog, thus making it easy for you to endure the dog.

Potty Training

A dog should be taught how to pee and poop in a potty. No homeowner would like a messy home that is full of dog’s poop and smell of urine everywhere. You can potty train the dog by yourself or you can enroll it for training in a dog center run by certified instructors.

Veterinarian checkup

After receiving a dog, you should book an appointment for checkup by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will check any health issues and will also offer guidance on how to care for the dog.


To conclude, owning a dog translates to being a parent. You should therefore do a proper search before buying a dog. For instance, you should know that legally, a dog owner can be punished for the acts of the dog.

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