5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Fish for Pets

By on April 25, 2021

Finding the right fish for your aquarium at home requires knowing your options. Here are factors to consider when choosing fish for pets.

Did you know that watching fish has been shown to calm hyperactivity in children? From tanks to or garden ponds, keeping fish can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. But do you know how to start creating that perfect collection?

From fish types to tanks, we can help. Read on as we give our guide on choosing fish for your tank. 

Know Your Water Type

The types of fish you purchase will have a preference for a type of water. The wrong water type will mean they fail to thrive or in most cases, pass away.

The three main water types are cold, cool, and warm water. This is important because different water types can hold different levels of oxygen. Coldwater can keep more oxygen in than warm water. 

Warm water counts as temperatures that are 75 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is cool water, while below is cold. 


The next deciding factor will be how much regular fish care you want to do. Some fish are extremely hard-living, and will hardly require any maintenance at all. Some will take a lot of care and even cost a decent amount of money to raise. 

The toughest fish do not require a lot of cleaning and are also generally immune to disease and parasites. This is why Koi are a popular choice for most, as they are very easy to maintain and tough. If you want tropical fish such as yellow tang, then you can expect a little maintenance and upkeep. 

Size and Space

Another deciding factor is the space for fish. Your tank or pond size will only be suitable for certain types. You also need to plan for the growth of your fish.

Check with a supplier about the maximum size the fish will grow to. From this, you can work out how much space you have in your tank and how many you can accommodate. Some fish even need a certain amount of depth as well as width, so bear this in mind. 

Choosing Fish Based on Food Type

Fish can be classified into three types of eating habits. The first are herbivores, who will at plant-based food such as plants and fruit. They generally need feeding a lot, due to their small stomachs. 

Carnivores eat meat. They should be kept out of community tanks, as they can tend to eat other fish and hunt. Omnivores eat both plant material and meat, making them easier to feed and the best choice for beginners.


The final factor is the filtration capacity of the tank. This determines how many fish you can keep in the tank, which needs to be balanced. Too many or too little can imbalance the oxygen levels causing several problems. 

Speak to an Expert

When choosing fish, speak with an expert. They will be able to advise on the correct fish to get you started and advise easy to keep tropical fish if you want something beautiful. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a whole lot to get a great setup. 

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