5 Key Considerations When Choosing A Cat Bed For Your Pet

By on February 17, 2022

Are you a cat parent who’s been trying to find out how to get your tiny purring pal a cozy sleeping bed? Finding the ideal little bed for your dearest cat friend takes time and effort. Many people don’t understand how fussy cats can be.

It’s possible to purchase a luxurious cat bed in the hopes that your pet would enjoy it, only to be frustrated when your pet goes to sleep on your sofa or in your bed instead. So, what does your cat really like as its bed?

This article will outline factors to consider when choosing a cat bed, as well as how to select the most appropriate bed for your cat. Continue reading to know more.

1. Material

The first thing to consider is the cat bed’s material. There are several alternatives to this. But it’s about preferences, your cat’s preference to be exact. What’s the bed’s material? Does the material get ripped or damaged quickly and easily? Is the material rough or irritating to your cat? When choosing a cat bed, keep these points in mind. You don’t want your lovely cat to have an uncomfortable bed to sleep on.

Opt for cat-friendly beds that are built to last. Choose natural materials like wood, wool, and cotton. Also, the bed’s fabric should be resistant to dirt and moisture. It should also be breathable. Roughness and excess moisture affect the kitten’s relaxation. It may also cause mold and mildew growth, which is harmful to the cat and everybody else in the household.

2. Size And Type

Choosing a bed that’s small may seem logical, but it’s a common issue. Many cats move between curled up and stretched out sleeping positions. In that situation, find a bed that’s large enough for them. Measure them if you have to, so you’re prepared and their space isn’t packed. Basically, they must be able to stand and turn in one while being snug.

Cat-friendly beds, padded tunnels or caves, donut beds, etc., these beds may make cats feel more comfortable. Have you noticed how they’re hurling straight into the laundry basket, looking so comfortable? It’s the same idea. It’ll be more of a den than a bed, or a mix of both.

3. Heat

Cats prefer warm environments, which is why you often see them under the sun, lounging. A heated cat bed may also be beneficial during the winter months. Your hairless, short-haired, or thin-haired cats can also enjoy a heated cat bed. A heated hooded bed is ideal for pets that like to crawl into tight spaces or under beds and sofas.

A non-heated pet bed is a good option if you’re not sure your pet needs extra heating. If you live in a climate that changes frequently, a separate heating bed or heating pad is a sensible option.

Moreover, most trendy cat beds have microwaves or electric heating systems. These are quite useful as the pet will need a warm place. Heated beds also help arthritis-stricken cats. There are beds made specifically for this purpose.

4. Window Perches

It’s no surprise that cats enjoy lounging in the sun, and a sunny window is their preferred location. Window perches allow cats to sit back, breathe, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the world outside the windows. Their narrow profile makes them an excellent choice for homes with narrow window sills. These are the top cat window perches, seats, and beds available, whether you prefer a floor-standing or hanging window seat type.

5. Age Or Illness

When selecting a cat bed, keep in mind factors such as the cat’s age and health problems. Cats that are old, for example, have stiffer muscles and limbs and are unable to jump as high. As a result, a high cat bed such as a window perch isn’t suitable for them. Also, don’t give them cat beds with a lot of thread or beads since they can chew and eat them.

My Cat Won’t Sleep In Its New Bed, So Now What?

It’s normal for cats to settle into their new beds slowly. The new bed’s strong factory odors turn them off first. Washing the new cat bedding can help to make it smell familiar. If that won’t work, try putting toys, clothing, or goodies on the new bed. Put your own old clothes on the new cat bed. In doing that, the bed can become welcoming to them. Don’t be too hard on yourself if they don’t like their new bedding right away.


Since cats spend much of their time sleeping, a cat bed is a must. Choosing the perfect cat bed can help your cat relax and sleep in the correct position.

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