5 pet trends you should know about

By on November 4, 2018

Jacob Dillon, a Sydney-based journalist, is the latest contributor to Pets in Omaha and has provided us with a list of pet industry trends to follow as 2018 comes to a close. Take a peek below- are you in one these trends? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Top 5 Pet Industry Trends to Follow

  1. Home-delivered Pet Food

If you think food delivery was only for humans think again. Recently, players are aiming at delivering dog food at the doorsteps of the pet owners. Pet Wants is a delivery-based company in Omaha and other partners of ours can find a way to get your food in a convenient way! Check them out here.

  1. Pet Owners are Techies

Internet use for research on pet products, apps and smart trackers for pets, even social media pages for pets (that’s real, folks) are ways pet owners are utilizing technology.

  1. Natural Pet Products

People have become more mindful of their own health as well as the environment. Ever-growing natural products are meant to keep the toxicity of synthetic material and other toxic chemicals present in common products at bay. Pet owners are also selective when it comes to buying toys for their pets, especially on the material used to make toys.

  1. Amazon Takes a Huge Percentage of the Online Market share

Packaged Facts states that Amazon has dominated the online market when it comes to the selling of pet products and is followed by others such as Chewy, Petco, and Walmart. Amazon has also implemented robotics innovations in their warehouses which makes it the dominant in the online market. Nothing is quite like the brick-and-mortar stores we love, but online retailers provide convenience many people look for.


  1. Pet-Care Needs and the Smart Devices

Technology has simplified the way pet owners buy pet products and has also impacted the type of pet products on the market. In particular, the introduction of the IoT and smart devices has improved pet care.

This has made it easy for pet owners to monitor their pet’s physical activities, health, and location using wearables and other monitoring devices.

Guest Contributor bio: Jacob Dillon is an editor and journalist at EssaysOnTime.  He is fond of attending concerts, travelling and surfing. The best way for Jacob to express himself is to write. Meet him on Facebook and Twitter.

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