7 Creative Tips For Preventing Your Dog’s Escape From The Yard

By on August 26, 2019

Different dogs have various ways of escaping. Some likes to jump the fence, taking a running start and jumping over. Others utilize whatever is near a fence to climb up and over. Some dogs love to dig, burrowing until they’ve managed to secure a way towards freedom. And then you get the chewers who enjoy making a hole in your fence until it is big enough for them to climb through. You even get the brilliant dogs who figure out how to open the gate and escape before it closes again.

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Irrespective of how your furry friend is making his big escape, it can be very frustrating for dog owners and sometimes the neighbors dealing with these talented escape artists since they get up to all sorts of antics. Taking your dog for a walk each day offers excellent mental and physical exercise and helps them to get rid of some of his energy and preventing him from getting bored when he’s fenced in. With these tips, you can prevent your dog from escaping.


For Climbers And Jumpers


  • Extending Your Fence

It’s not always necessary to make the fence higher. You can add a section to the top, tilting inwards to help deter your dog. An L-footer or lean-in will be sufficient. You’re basically creating an awning-type preventive to dissuade him from getting out. When you’re looking for fencing for dog kennel options, make sure you’re consulting with your local supplier about the best option for you.


  • Removing Climbing Supports

Inspect the yard and check for anything close enough to the fence which can be used as climbing support like a garbage can, wooden pile, a bench, boulder, or chair.


  • Buying A Coyote Roller

These are elongated metal bars that can be fixed to the fence, preventing your dog from obtaining a foothold to get over. It rolls like a rolling pin the moment they try to gain footing. This was designed for keeping coyotes out but are just as useful for keeping your pet in. They require caps and mounting brackets for installation.


  • Adding Landscaping

You can plant a hedge of impenetrable shrubs alongside the fences line. It looks beautiful, and it keeps your dog from escaping.


For Diggers


  • Adding An L-Footer Alongside The Bottom Of The Fence

The L-footer must be facing in, and you can utilize hardware cloth, chicken wire or a section of chain-link fence attached to the base of your fence. Some people bur it for a better aesthetic look, but you can also lay it over grass and hold it down with gravel, mulch, planters or rocks.


  • Pouring A Concrete Footer

Even the most strongminded and determined digger will be deterred. Simply pour some concrete alongside the perimeter of your fence and sink the bottom of your fence into the mixture.


For Border Patrollers


  • Blocking Their View

Guard dogs, watchdogs or any other dogs that are patrolling the territory are usually lured outside by the first sight of danger. You can run plastic slats through a chain-link fence, but for other types of fencing you can utilize rolls of reed fencing or bamboo as a cost-effective solution. You can use zip ties for attaching it to your existing fence.

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