7 Tips And Tricks To make your Lazy Dog More Active and Playful

By on February 17, 2022

Dogs play a meaningful role in our lives. The connection is not new and has been around since ancient times. The medieval human being started to develop a relationship with animals, and the first pick was dogs and cattle. The medieval humans relied on dogs for various chores. The few were guarding properties, food, and other valuable supplements. There are instances of dogs coming in handy to herd cattle, and historians suggest battles to be the gold of ancient times. They were not only a source of meat but also healthy dairy products. It highlighted the confidence humans started to have in dogs. It was the generation of an emotional bond between the pet and pet parent.

The trend is still intact, and the popularity of having dogs is at an all-time high. A survey by Statista suggests that more than 471 million dog owners are present worldwide. There is almost a 2% increase from last year. It also highlights the inclusion of dogs in our domestic lifestyle. They are easily trainable. The trait is visible as dogs come in handy in the police department and medical field.

With time, the large farms disappeared for many. The farms were soon the countryside of the modern world. The cities had smaller houses and hardly any room to move. With the growing population, the conditions seem to be worse. The same effect was visible on dogs. They could not run freely in the fields and inside the four walls around them. The busy lives of human beings often prohibit them from taking walks, making the condition worse. The new pet parents seem to get the worse of it. Reports from many outlets suggest that lazy dogs have become a problem. We will highlight some tips and tricks to make your dog more active and how organic products can help. These may include some of the best CBD for dogs from several vendors.

Have a Lazy Dog?

Dogs are often active throughout the day. They like to play and walk around whenever there is a chance. Experts also claim that an active dog is a healthy dog. Some dogs become an exception. It is due to the lack of exercise and an imbalanced diet. If both combine for a prolonged period, it can make your dog lazy. Expert pet parents might know the drill, but it can be tough to navigate the field when one is a new pet parent.

Here are some ways you can use to make your dogs more active and playful-

1) Obstacle Course

Humans always find themselves in a rut or an unproductive streak. The best way out is often meditation and creating new ways to challenge your mind. The same applies to dogs. Dogs can become bored of the same routine and become lazy. The best way is to create your obstacle course inside the home or the nearby park. Obstacles will challenge your dog and freshen up its mind. It will make them curious and more active.

2) New Toys

Dogs adore toys as they can chew on them or stretch them. It is their favorite time. But like humans, the same toys can get boring. The job of a pet parent is to introduce new toys to your pet. One should ensure the toys are safe and go through several quality tests. New toys will excite your dog and make them more active. They can also relieve stress and increase motivation in our dogs.

3) Supplements

Dogs require a lot of stamina for constant activities. It provides them with the boost to increase their activity throughout the day. Lazy dogs can suffer from low stamina levels. A pet parent can here utilize the help of supplements. There are supplements available in the market which can increase stamina levels and aid digestion. One can easily order these through online websites or offline stores.

4) CBD Treats

Dogs love their treats. It is widely known to every pet enthusiast. One can from their training regimes around rewarding techniques. But, dogs might get bored with the same treats. The trick is to keep changing what is inside. The best option seems to be the Cannabidiol-based treats. They come from the Sativa plant and have Hemp extract inside them. The combination of Hemp and Tetrahydrocannabinol can aid digestion in your dogs. They can increase the stamina of your dogs and are organic. CBD can mix with typical treats and induce trance in dogs. It can help them sleep faster and make them more active for the next day.

The pet parents can also pick from the several flavors available inside the CBD-Based products. They can be the extra motivation for your dog to complete the exercise.

5) Walks

Dogs can become lazy and make it a habit. It occurs due to less physical movements. Pet parents often can not take time from their schedule for walks around the neighborhood. It can make your dog lazy and increase your weight. Regularly walking your dogs is essential, and it keeps them active in the long run. Experts suggest walking your dogs twice a day is perfect. One can also mix exercises during walks, which will help the dogs further.

6) Treadmill

Treadmills are a boon to humans. More so, after the lockdown. The lockdown restrictions forced many to stay inside their homes and not go out. Treadmills are the perfect instrument to burn some calories without spending much time. The same can fit on dogs. There are treadmills for dogs, which can help them become more active. The best way is to make a training regime, which increases the workload gradually.

7) Social Activity 

Dogs often thrive on social engagement. It can be a relationship with humans or other dogs. Starving them can make them lazy. The job of the pet parent is to introduce them to other dogs and try to increase their social activity. It is essential to train your dogs before trying the same. Social activity is necessary for dogs and will help your job as a pet parent easy.


Dogs depend on daily habits, and movement is essential. The pet parents must visit the vet regularly. It can help them against ailments. Vets can also make diet plans, which will help your dog to stay more active. It can reduce the extra fat, which can improve their immunity. Organic products like CBD come with no severe side effects, making them the best bet for your lazy dog. There are many products available online, and several vendors offer free shipping. With the increasing competition, experts expect the quality of pet products to increase. It will only help pet parents safer, as it will directly make dog healthcare easier to achieve.

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