8 Signs That You’re Spoiling Your Pets

By on January 11, 2019

This latest guest post highlights something many of you (and us!) are guilty of: spoiling furry friends. There’s no shame in it, as you know, as this is sort of the new normal.

You’ve come to the age where a pet has become the first born child, and people even spent so much time deciding on its name before finally getting one from the top dog names on Mad Paws.

Some dogs and cats have their wardrobe and luggage, and you’ll see puppies being pushed by their mommies in a stroller. Pet owners also tend to spoil them, and you unconsciously become a pushover.

Here are eight signs that you’re spoiling your pet.


  1. Your pet shares the same bed with you.


These days pet spending is on the rise because they are no longer just pets, they are part of the family, so they share the same bed with you. But when someone who you would want to share your bed with comes over, they’ll start growling like there’s been an invasion — that’s a clear sign that your pet is spoiled.

Pets should know their place in the household, and that is in their little pet beds, not yours. It’s their nature to be protective of their territory, so there may come a time that even your partner won’t have a place in your bed.

And if you’re into giving your keeter her own fancy sleeping spot, check out these cute little cat beds!


  1.    Giving them snacks even midnight.


People are guilty when it comes to not being able to resist the temptation of having midnight snacks. But, if you wake up in the middle of the night thinking that your pet may be hungry, that’s a different story.

Your pet may be awake the whole night because that’s how they are and you don’t have to feel bad about. You may say that they’re hungry at those times because they are waiting for you to get up and feed them. The truth is, they just got used to you giving them food at this time of the night, so they anticipate it.


  1. You pet’s food is home-cooked.


If you cook your pet’s food and use high-quality ingredients, that’s a one spoiled pet.

Pet owners these days give them human food as a treat. Though that may seem fine, it will most likely give them an idea that it’s okay to eat the food on your plate, too.

Pet foods are made with complete nutrients that they need so you don’t have to feel guilty that you’re giving your most precious little ones the dog or cat food while you’re eating steak.


  1. Spending your free time with them.


Rather than socializing outside, you spend your days off with your pet.


Yes, most of the time, pets are better companions than human beings because they will never judge you and they will always be loyal to you. But, you owe it to yourself to talk to another person.Cuddling with your pet is comforting but give them some space, they need it, too.


  1. You can’t resist “puppy dog eyes”.


You certainly know that a dog is spoiled when you give in to their demands when they  look at you with those puppy dog eyes.

It could be a walk in the park, a nice little treat, or when they want to sleep in your bed. Well, who’s not guilty of this? It’s tough to dismiss your pets with those sweet  faces and big bright eyes saying “Come down here and give me a hug!”


  1. They spend more time in the spa.


People pamper themselves with a day in a spa to escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban living. That’s understandable because you deserve some self-love after killing yourself at work. But, when your pet spends more time having pedicures, shampoo, hair trim, and even a massage than you do, you’re a spoiler pet owner.


  1. Carrying them when they don’t want to walk.


You walk the dog for a reason, not just to take him out and enjoy the view and fresh air.

Dogs need to be walked because they should exercise, need to go, and relieve themselves. When your dog doesn’t want to walk, and you start carrying them through the park, you’re spoiling them and does not give them the benefit of walking. Encourage your dog to walk and don’t put him in a stroller while you’re in the dog park.


  1. Calling off your date for them.


When you don’t meet your schedule because your dog has their own schedule to follow,  like a trip to the vet, spa, or you had them registered in a doggie camp, you have a one spoiled pet.

There may also be times that you have a date and your dog starts whimpering as if they  know you’re going out with someone else and you think they’re jealous, so you call it off. If you keep that up, you might end up being single for a long time.


Furry friends are absolutely adorable and deserve a lot of love and attention. You can’t blame yourself if you spoil them too much. They give you unconditional love and loyalty, so you only give back what they deserve. That’s fine, but remember, everything in excess could hurt both you and your pet.

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