A new cat owner checklist

By on July 26, 2022

Whether you already have cats or it’s your first, bringing home a new cat or kitten is a joyous thing. But between the excitement and anxiety, there’s a lot of preparation to do before you bring your new addition home with you.

From how many litter trays you need to insurance and toys, we’ve created an all-inclusive checklist for you.

Litter trays

One of the most important things you need is a litter tray. The general advice is to make sure you have one more litter tray than you you have cats, so 1 cat is 2 litter trays, etc.

The trays need to be big enough for the cat to fully fit in and be able to turn around. They should also be placed out of high foot-traffic areas to give your cat some privacy. Using the same type of tray they have previously used without issue is your best bet to ensure there are no accidents.


When choosing litter, use the same litter they were previously using. You can ask the previous owner or shelter about this. If you want to change the litter type, do it gradually by mixing some of the new litter with old litter, adding more new litter with every change.

For kittens, clumping litter should not be used for safety issues if they ingest it. Wood pellets, silicone, corn-based and other non-clumping litters are available.


Every new kitten or cat needs insurance to ensure there are no nasty bills if they get hurt or injured. From comprehensive, lifetime kitten insurance from Petsure to more basic cover, there are options for every budget.

High-quality food

Again, with the food, you will want to continue with the food they were being fed previously to avoid upset tummies. If you want to change the food, do so gradually.

Feeding a grain-free wet food with high protein is the healthiest choice for your cat. You can also get some treats to help with training.


Your new cat will want to play, so an assortment of toys is a must. You can provide anything from interactive toys and balls to full play centres and feather toys.

Cat trees and scratching posts

While not essential, scratching posts will help your cat keep their claws healthy, allow them a good stretch and protect your furniture.

Cat trees and other vertical play areas are beloved by cats. They love to climb, explore and have their own space. If possible, place cat trees and perches in front of windows, and place crates or beds on top of high shelves or wardrobes.


Your cat will need to be registered with a vet and may need to be booked in for vaccinations, microchipping and spay/neuter depending on age and history.

You’ll also need:

– A cat brush
– Litter scoops
– A collar
– Food bowls (non-plastic)
– Water bowls
– Nail clippers for cats
– Cooling mats for warm weather

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