Adorable and amazing mermaid cat at Nebraska Humane Society

By on December 31, 2019

The things our shelters and rehab centers do to get animals back in the game are amazing. Whether it’s transplanting feathers in a hawk’s wings or unique prosthesis, new medicine and procedures are unbelievable.

The Nebraska Humane Society employed an amazing tactic to help out a feline burn victim and it’s awesome. We’ve heard of this tactic before, but it’s never looked so adorable.

Here’s what the Nebraska Humane Society’s Facebook page shared after kitty’s procedure this week:

“NHS Vets are using fish skins as an ‘organic bandage”‘for a kitty burned in a house fire. King, a young tabby cat, came into NHS 10 days ago (on December 21, 2019). He had been pulled from a burning home. He is suffering from burns on about 50 percent of his body.

Yesterday our vets sutured Tilapia skin onto King’s back, tail stump (it had to be amputated) and legs. The fish skin helps provide protection, pain relief, and offers collagen that promotes healing. The treatment is cutting edge.

The skin will stay on for about 10 days (so no daily bandage changes). He is also on a cocktail of pain meds.

This little man is not out of the woods, but the vets are hopeful this will help him feel better and promote healing and recovery.

Recently veterinarians at UC Davis in California have had luck using fish skins on animals burned in the California wildfires.

Dr. Katie James, Dr. Amber Horn , and Dr. Michelle Rutz all worked on King simultaneously. He now looks like a mermaid.

Kudos to our veterinary staff for thinking outside the box to give King the best chance for recovery!”

If you are as impressed as we are, click here to help the NHS keep on the cutting edge in rehab and recovery.

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