Advances in Specialized Veterinary Care helps animals

By on March 15, 2014

From Global Animal- If your animal is ill and needs services that aren’t generally offered in a traditional veterinarian’s office, there are many strides being made by specialized veterinary care providers which will help pets get healthy again. Though the services might not be conveniently located in your trusted vet’s place of business, the benefits of having these services available is worth the extra time and travel often needed to attain the needed care.

Specialized veterinary doctors and their services have expanded exponentially in the last few years- so much so, that you’ll be surprised to hear just what is available to you and your pets. Global Animal lists many of them in this article. Below, you’ll find a list of the latest pet procedures and treatment options that may be available to you and your pets.

  • Back injury treatments- accupuncture-like treatments are replacing lasers that have been traditionally used to treat bad backs. This procedure is especially common for large dogs.
  • Bone cancer limb sparing- rather than amputating limbs, new treatment options are available that aid pets in being mobile and increasing life spans. Replacement bones are often used instead of simply removing limbs as in the past.
  • Vision surgeries- pets who need corneal transplants or grafts are in luck. Instead of removing eyes or unsuccessfully treating things like cataracts, vision surgeries are efficient and better- like they have become in human ophthalmology.
  • Kidney transplants- especially in cats, kidney transplants can help your furry family members get back on the road to healthy living.
  • Cartilage and stem cell repairs- rather than always opting for surgeries, stem cells can help repair knees and other cartilage-heavy areas.
  • Heart repair- as in human medical practice, we can now “fix” hearts better and allow animals to live on rather than simply accepting a bad heart and dim prognosis.

If you might be in need of these procedures and treatment options, ask your vet for a recommendation. These procedures are surely pricey, but with the popularity of pet insurance growing, costs are lower than you might think.

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