All About Man’s Best Friend: CBD for Dog Cancer

By on October 4, 2019

A dog is a man’s best friend, and there must be a reason why they are loved by people. Also, click here for discussions on why these animals are called as such.

They watch your back

They guard your home and your loved ones. Intruders would most likely keep out your premises if they hear or see a dog in it. They bark when they sense people near your home, thus alerting you that there are people outside who can possibly be strangers or intruders. When you have a dog at home, you can sleep better knowing that their ears are perked up and they will always hear any sign of danger and they will most readily warn you by barking.

They keep you active

Having a dog means good health. They need to take a walk at least once a day. This means you will have to take him for a walk, by doing so you get to exercise. Walking is good for the heart and is a good way of de-stressing. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

They bring you new friends

When you walk with your dog, people talk to your dog and they will pet him. This will end with them talking to you about them.

Dog lovers would often group together and meet up. Both you and your pet will meet new friends when you go to these meet-ups.

They keep you company

They keep loneliness away. There are times when we are not surrounded by family or friends. During these times, a dog’s company becomes very valuable and comforting. They love being around their humans so they would not really mind if you cuddle them, eat dinner with them or go out for a stroll.

They help relieve stress

Petting them relieves anxiety. It increases the feeling of contentment and relaxation. And they love the attention and affection of petting so they will not mind if you keep doing this to them.

Three major factors in choosing your pets:

Size – this should be considered relatively with the other factors. Many larger ones tend to be calmer than smaller ones; the smaller ones are more excitable. Also, the amount of space in your home matters.

Temperament – is the personality of dogs. Calmer ones allow for stronger bonds and can be great companions.

Level of energy – your lifestyle needs to be considered; owners need to ensure that exercise needed can be compensated because if you cannot meet your pet’s needs, behavior problems would result from his unused energy.

Taking care of a pet is also a big task of its own. You need to give them proper care in order to keep them healthy. Make sure your pet gets the shots he needs regularly and pay attention to him. When your pet does not have the proper food, exercise, vaccines they can get sick, and some sicknesses are fatal. Dog cancer is one of the most fatal that your pet can have.

Unlike other animals, dogs are susceptible to the same cancer that humans can have. This is thoroughly discussed in websites like The most common types are:

Hemangiosarcoma: This is characterized by tumor cells that will line the blood vessels. Middle aged or elderly pets are more susceptible to this type of cancer; its incidence is higher in German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. It develops slowly and is painless, so more often than not, it is not symptomatic and is only known in its advanced stage. It is incurable.

Lymphoma: This affects any breed. It appears as swollen lymph nodes under the neck, in the shoulders, behind the knee, and can also affect those inside the body such as the chest or the abdomen. It interferes with breathing. Just like any other cancer, it is still treatable at an early stage.

Osteosarcoma: This is primary type of bone cancer. It affects mostly older large/giant breeds but can also affect the other sizes as well. It is common to bones in the shoulder, wrist, and knee. Lameness is a major symptom to this disease. Swelling and pain is also noticeable in the affected parts.

Cancer of the Nose and Mouth: This is very common. Most often it is the mouth that is most likely to be affected, more than the nose. Mass on gums, bleeding, difficulty eating, and odor are symptoms of mouth cancer. It can be treated and could not be fatal when detected at an early stage.


Just like cancer in humans, treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, cryotherapy, and others. One powerful product from cannabis can be a very good source of help for these dreaded diseases in your pets. Check out a CBD website for information on cancer treatment for your dogs. Some studies suggested that CBD can help lead to apoptosis or death of cancer cells.

Otherwise, CBD can help manage the pain and make them comfortable. While some forms of cancer at certain stages are still curable, some are not, but at least you can make them comfortable by administering CBD. It is the least that can be done for “man’s best friend”.

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