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By on August 6, 2015

Recently, there have been so many headlines about legislation, advocacy and animal welfare that it’s hard to keep up! Below, you’ll find a list of interesting topics related to Puppy Mills and the fight against them. Browse and share where you please!


Here’s A letter to the Editor of the Berkshire Eagle, published Aug. 2. It’s safe to assume more of this is happening and it’s great to see it ranking so highly on Google. More letters like this promote parties to change and any progress is great.


We recently found a number of links on Craigslist pages around the country which listed the headline: “Stop Backyard Breeders and the Sale of Puppy Mill Puppies.” Given that Craigslist is a wonderfully bad place for these folks to sell their dogs without much chance at reproach, it’s nice to see people setting sights on Craig and his lists. Unfortunately, the posts have all been “flagged for removal,” so you can’t see them. Whammy.


You’ve probably heard of the Arizona case where pet stores are challenging the Constitutionality of District and Federal Courts ruling on local ordinances. An ordinance in Phoenix, AZ, banned the sale of puppy mill pups in pet stores and the District Court upheld that decision. Whammy for Phoenix puppy mill puppy sellers.


No news here, really, but it’s nice to read about the progress we’ve made in banning the sale of puppies in pet stores. Here’s an article from Steve Dale’s Pet World detailing the latest communities to put the kibosh on sales.


The rest of the Midwest would like to welcome Michigan to the party. From a article: “Michigan is in the minority of states that do not have laws on the books limiting so-called “puppy mills” – and it’s the only one in the Midwest.” The article indicates that politicians on both sides of the aisle are coming to their senses and making it a point to have the necessary discussions the rest of us have about puppy mills and animal welfare. Good on you, Michigan.


Don’t buy dogs online. Ok? Good. Read why here. 


Coral Springs, FL, imposed a moratorium on the sale of puppy/kitty mill animals recently, joining much of the rest of the country in moving toward squashing the idea of buying a dog in a store. This isn’t a permanent measure in FL, but it’s a good sign.


Periodically, we’ll bring you national stories to give you a sense of what’s happening at the macro level like the above stories. Local stories about what your community and people in it are doing for animals will always be present.

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