Area shelters house exotic pets

By on February 14, 2014

A recent Omaha-World-Herald article tells of the prevalence that exotic pets have in area shelters. Your local Humane Society is not only concerned with cats and dogs if you didn’t already know.

Snakes, reptiles and other exotics are often corralled by Animal Control officers and shelters treat them with the same care and intention they have for the animals we are accustomed to thinking about. The ultimate goal for all animals who enter shelters is to find homes or be returned to their best available habitat, healthy and happy.

To read about some interesting experiences had by local shelter employees, check out the World Herald article here.

“Exotic pets and animals are regular visitors, and organizations like the Humane Society work to provide care, owner education and better homes for both legal and illegal animals in Nebraska. The Humane Society received more than 25,000 calls last year regarding wild animals. Some are escaped pets, others are truly wild animals. Either way, the Humane Society’s policy is to leave animals in the wild alone unless they are injured or pose a threat to public safety,” the article says.

Strange stories are not uncommon to shelter folks in these parts, but the mission is always the same. Thanks to our local Humane Societies and animal control officers for taking care of the uncommon animals we often don’t want to deal with!

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