Best adult dog food from Chewy brands

By on November 22, 2021

Can I feed my adult dog ​​with fish from Chewy brands? Of course, once or twice a week, you need to put fish instead of animal meat in the diet, but give it half as much as meat. It so happens that the dog likes meat more. Then it is more logical to feed more meat Chewy brands and less fish, or change the type of fish. Sea fish can be fed raw or, for reliability, frozen in the freezer for 2-3 days, but river fish must be frozen or boiled. Remove all bones from the fish so that they do not harm the dog. It is inexpensive to feed the animal with gobies, so try feeding them to the dog for Chewy food suddenly it will like it (you can’t pull out the bones from well-boiled gobies). Some individuals go crazy over this delicacy. 

Dairy products with best Chewy dog food brands.

 Is kefir good for adult dogs? What about milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and other dairy products? Be sure to feed the animal dairy products (ideally, they should be a third or almost half of the daily feeding rate). Some dogs do not tolerate fatty foods well, so if the stool is loose, it is better to feed Chewy foods with a lower fat content from best brands. Again, you should not go to the extreme – you should not give low-fat products. The best fermented milk products for a dog are cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt and yogurt, but it is undesirable to give milk. By the way, sometimes put half or one teaspoon of honey in dairy products. 

It is also useful to sometimes make soda curd. It is done simply: in a liter of milk, put two tablespoons of calcium chloride (sold in any pharmacy). Bring the mixture to a boil from time to time, then leave on the stove and let cool. Over time, our composition will split into clear whey and a dense mass of curd. All this joy can be given to the dog without any treatment. Or strain it through a gauze-covered colander. Give cottage cheese for food, the liquid should be left if the cottage cheese is too dry for the adult dog. 

Cereals for adult dog. 

Cereals are boiled in meat or vegetable broth. Use bones for broth, as if you boil meat, it will lose most of the nutrients. It is better to boil the smaller part of the meat a little at the end of cooking the porridge, while the larger part is cut into pieces and fed raw. The bones used in the broth are discarded after boiling. You cannot give them to adult dog, even if you know that she loves them very much. In adult dogs, teeth are not replaced with new ones and do not grow, so do not let her grind them on the bone. If adult dog so wants to gnaw on something then, buy a special bone in the veterinary pharmacy, completely harmless to the teeth. 

What cereals can you feed your adult dog? 

For adult dogs, porridge is cooked mainly in rice or buckwheat. Sometimes it is useful to give barley grits, oatmeal, and sometimes it is not bad to boil peas, cook cereals in half less than usual, and mix it with meat to feed adult dog. Also try occasionally stirring several types of cereals into porridge. 

What porridges can you feed your adult dog? 

If you use cereals in your dog’s diet, then by all means use different types of cereal add differently cooked vegetables to the porridge before or after cooking, try putting meat or fish instead of meat also after or almost until cooked. This way you will find the Kirkland recipes that are most attractive to your adult dog. 

Cooking porridge for adult dog. 

Pour cereals into a saucepan with broth (or plain water, in extreme cases). The liquid should be two fingers more from the level at which the croup is. Five minutes before the porridge is ready (the duration of cooking depends on the type of cereal), lay a third of the meat. Alternatively, do not cook the meat at all, but put it raw in porridge before feeding, along with chopped vegetables. Sometimes, two or three times a week, a raw chicken egg is put into the porridge before feeding adult dog. 

Vegetables are preferably fed raw. Although it will not be superfluous to boil carrots, beetroots or cabbage in porridge, fry or simmer. Perhaps, only on your own experience you can decide which is better. If the dog prefers to eat raw vegetables cooked, then it makes sense to put only raw vegetables in the porridge.

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