Bow Wow: The 8 Best New Dog Owner Gifts

By on July 1, 2021

Is your friend or loved one welcoming a new puppy into their life for the first time?

Raising a dog can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Studies show that over 98% of dog owners believe that their dogs are part of the family. Once you form a strong bond, your dog becomes irreplaceable.

If you have a friend or family with a newly-adopted dog, it’s only right to celebrate the occasion. These new dog owner gifts are sure to help your loved ones on their dog journey.

Read on to discover how you can cultivate the experience with these top eight gifts for dog parents.

1. Dog Crate

Dogs are reactive and impressionable when they are young. If it’s their first time being away from the litter, they may not be able to settle into a new home too fast. Introducing a puppy to new surroundings may cause anxiety, stress, and fear.

Puppies must have a private safe space to go to when they feel too stressed. One great gift you can give a dog owner is a dog crate for their puppy to retreat to.

Ensure to get a dog crate that’s big enough for the puppy to stand in but small enough to allow training. As your puppy gets older, you can add more accessories like a bed.

2. Doggy Playpen

Doggy crates shouldn’t be too big as it also serves as a tool to train puppies and deal with separation anxiety. However, your puppies will need a safe place to play and explore. A doggy playpen is a great way to feed their curiosity without putting them or your valuables at risk.

Giving puppies access to the entire house can make them prone to accidents. A doggy playpen allows you to give them a confined yet safe space to play in. You can get a soft padded playpen with a roof or make one yourself with doggy gates and foam.

3. Puppy Training Pads

It’s only normal for puppies to have potty training accidents while they’re young. Some puppies may not pick up the concept of potty training as fast. To reduce the number of messy accidents, consider getting puppy training pads.

Puppies tend to pick a favorite spot on your carpet or furniture. If left alone, your friend or loved one’s puppy may never be able to kick this habit. A puppy training pad helps you make the potty training process easier.

Puppy pads give off natural pheromones that draw puppies to them. Puppy pads are also absorbent, so they won’t damage your floors or stain your carpets.

4. Teething Toys and Treats

Puppies and dogs love to explore and discover new things with their mouth. Puppies tend to chew more as a result of teething. When a puppy’s permanent teeth start to come out, the process can cause some pain or discomfort.

Chewing helps them relieve the pressure. To protect your valuables, consider getting some teething toys. Some puppies may have different preferences when it comes to chewing toys, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

For smaller puppies with baby teeth, try getting puppy treats. Puppy treats are often softer, so they don’t aggravate or damage the puppy teeth. Your friend or loved one can also use this as a food motivator for training.

5. Grooming Kit for Puppies

Grooming is a crucial part of any puppy or dog’s development. However, many first-time dog owners overlook the need for dog grooming. Certain breeds with long hair and double-coats require extensive care.

A grooming kit is a must if you have a high-maintenance dog like a Siberian Husky or Shih Tzu. Aside from puppy shampoo and coat brush, you may also need nail clippers and a toothbrush. Getting your puppy used to the care is also great if you plan to get them professionally groomed in the future.

6. Breed and Training Guides

It’s a rule of thumb to conduct thorough research before getting a dog. For new dog owners, however, Google may not be enough. One of the best gifts for dog moms and dads is a puppy breed book and training guide.

There are plenty of books on the best techniques when it comes to raising a puppy. Some dogs also have special needs or behaviors. Taking the time to learn more about your dog and its ancestry is part of being a responsible dog owner.

It helps you understand their needs when it comes to maintenance and exercise. The Presa Canario, for example, is a great family dog. You can check out this article to learn more about how much you can expect to pay to buy one.

7. Harness and Short Leash

Training a puppy to behave while outside is as crucial as indoor training. The outside world is much more dangerous for a young puppy. However, this shouldn’t stop you from taking them out on walks.

To keep the puppy from running away or straying too far, start them off with a short leash. This helps them get used to walking next to their owner. Shorter leashes give dog owners more control and teach puppies not to strain or pull.

If the puppy is prone to straining and pulling, consider getting a harness instead of a collar. This allows dog owners to clip the leash to the body instead of their necks.

8. Personalized Gifts for Dog Owners

Are you looking for unique dog gifts to give your friend or family member? Consider getting them a personalized dog bowl. You can also get a collar with the puppy’s name engraved, along with the owner’s address and contact details.

Take it a step further and get them a matching bracelet with their dog’s name. This makes their connection feel more special.

The Bed New Dog Owner Gifts for First-time Dog Owners

Here are our top eight new dog owner gifts for first-time dog parents. From puppy pads to personalized collars, these gifts for dog lovers are sure not to go to waste. Welcome your loved one to the new life of dog ownership with these gifts!

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