Call to End Breed Discrimination

By on August 28, 2015

You know, if we reported on all the petitions circulating the interwebs right now, we’d probably get really tired and dehydrated. We’d need some of that powder that prevents heat rash from sitting so much, too.  It’s tiresome.

On the other hand, however, there’s a lot of value to these issues to a lot of people. We wrote about Tully’s Kennels not long ago. We also shared something about revealing the quality of the food products being listed (or not) by pet food manufacturers. Today, there’s another issue in my (and probably your) inbox. Change is happening (or at least being hollered for) and that’s great. Fairness, happiness, equality- these are all things we’re promised and when we don’t get them for ourselves or the things we care about, we rise up. We SHOULD rise up. That luxury is afforded to us and it’s our civic duty. USA.USA.USA. Anyway.

The most current issue is one that’s been in the news here, there and everywhere. Want to go to Canada? You may have to leave you dog at the border. Want to walk your dog down to the school to pick up your kids? You might need to muzzle your pup. If you’re in the wrong part of the country, you might have to register your dog with the local government because they think he’s a “dangerous animal.” It’s not any different in Council Bluffs, IA.

From the Web site on the petition: “Amend Council Bluffs’ current Pit Bull Ban, to bring our dog home, as well as others.” from Shala Richardson Council Bluffs, IA.

Here’s what Shala has said to promote signatures from the web- (for the record, just because someone gets “enough” signatures according to guarantees nothing. What the real intention here is to get as many people as possible talking about something. That way, Council Bluffs, or whomever, will eventually have to answer the complaint and handle the immense pressure being put on them).

We are creating this petition because our 8-year-old pit bull mix was forced to leave her home simply because she was born a particular breed. Our dog’s name is Stitch. She is a gentle and loving dog with a wonderful disposition that many people can attest to as well.

My daughter adopted her from the Nebraska Humane Society 5 years ago believing that she had found her forever home. My daughter and Stich recently moved here to Council Bluffs, unaware that this would put her in any jeopardy. Sadly, on July 20th, the Council Bluffs Humane Society happened upon us, as we were outside doing yard work. We were told that because her features were predominantly pit, we had 7 days to get her out of city limits. We are heartbroken and miss her every day! The hardest part is saying goodbye after each visit. I wonder what she thinks and how she feels?

We decided to begin a paper petition and have had a lot of support so far. In this petition, we are asking the city council members to amend our current ordinance, Chapter 4.20 to equate our sister city, Omaha, Nebraska. This would allow for responsible owners to keep their companions while complying with these standards: Responsible owners would carry the necessary $100,000.00 liability insurance, muzzle their dog when out, and provide secured fencing.

A neighboring city, Carter Lake is in the process of dropping their current pit bull ban, and changing it to include any and all vicious dogs, regardless of their breed. They passed the first of three phases at last night’s city council meeting. It is our hope and prayer this will be a positive step for our own quest to bring home our dog, Stitch, as well as help other dogs to return home and to be able to stay. Thank you for your time in reading this. We are truly grateful for your support! Thank you!

Discrimination is wrong. Period. That said, you might want to sign the petition. Find it here.

Another note: If a pit bull or similar breed finds itself in a Council Bluffs shelter, it must wait there to be adopted by someone who doesn’t live in the city. That can take a long time. It’s hard on people who lose animals and it’s hard on animals. Something should change.


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