Caring for pets when costs are high

By on April 18, 2023

Have you been struggling to afford pet care, including vet bills, food, and more? Pet care costs may rise, but if you budget your money accordingly, you can give your pet what they need to be happy and healthy.

Caring for your pet when the cost is high can be challenging. However, you can cut costs by purchasing quality food in bulk, learning to groom your pet, practicing good dental care at home, and purchasing discounted pet supplies from online stores. Your pet will thank you for your help.

Even though pet food and supplies cost more, pet parents must set aside a budget for their pets and give them the best possible, affordable care.

How to Save Money on Pet Care

The trick to saving money on pet care is knowing what is most important for their long-term health and happiness. You should invest in items that will last a long time and not skimp on quality where it counts. There are times when you can be more frugal with spending money on your pet but know that it is worth it to provide your dog or cat with quality care.

The following includes some ways you can save on pet care:

Purchase Pet Food in Bulk

You can stock up on quality pet food in bulk and store it in pet food storage bins to keep it fresh, which will significantly help your long-term savings. High-quality food brands like Royal Canin and Blue Buffalo may be an investment initially, but with proper storage and adequate portion control, you can conserve money on food in the long run.

Groom Your Pet

On average, dog grooming costs between $15 to $250 per session, but it typically depends on the size and breed of the canine. However, you can learn to groom your dog at home and save money.

Some ways to save money on professional pet grooming:

  • Trim your dog’s nails
  • Get a low-cost haircut
  • Bathe your pup at home
  • Search the internet for coupons

You can also stretch the time between grooming appointments with regular brushing and diluting bath shampoo. The extent of the grooming also determines the cost.

Practice Dental Care at Home

Brush your dog or cat’s teeth regularly, and you will save money on dental health-related vet bills. Brushing along the gum line will help reduce plaque and food debris and decrease the likelihood of periodontal disease.

Some early signs of dental disease in pets:

  • Bleeding where the gums and teeth meet
  • Yellow or brown tartar on teeth
  • Halitosis or bad breath
  • Jaw or teeth chattering

Research shows that when a pet is three years old, they will likely have an indication of early dental disease. You can watch this tutorial on brushing your pet’s teeth if you need pointers.

Purchase Pet Supplies from Online Stores

Most of the time, when you go into pet stores or pet supply stores, the cost of pet supplies tends to be on the higher side. For example, Amazon has an excellent selection, and the prices are often reasonable and affordable, and they also have free two-day shipping. Online stores have great deals on the following:

  • Cat carriers
  • Cat trees
  • Dog beds
  • Dog crates

You can also shop by category on Amazon. For example, if you want to shop for your cat, you can go into Amazon and type “pet supplies,” and all types of pets pop up. Just click on the picture of the cat, and you are all set to shop.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance policies may not cover wellness exams for pets, which is essential because a wellness exam can help your dog or cat if an illness is found; it can be treated in time. You will pay more for preventative care, as it is considered an optional add-on, and pre-existing conditions are not usually covered for the first six months of the policy.

However, pet insurance may cover illnesses, medications, food, supplements, and alternative therapies for your pet’s health condition. Care Credit can be a viable option because you can pay for it in six months with no finance charges. It is like a credit card, and you can take your pet to urgent care for emergencies if one happens to occur.

If you are on the fence, consider weighing the pros and cons because even though it can be costly, pet insurance could save your pet’s life if they get sick or injured and you cannot afford out-of-pocket costs.

Has the Cost of Pet Care Gone Up Since 2022?

The cost of pet care has gone up since just last year. The price of various types of care has inflated. The following chart indicates the cost of caring for your pet this year compared to the previous year:

Food and Treats58.1 billion62.7 billion
Supplies Meds31.5 billion32.1 billion
Vet Care35.9 billion37.0 billion
Boarding, Grooming, Insurance11.4 billion11.8 billion
Total Spent136.8 billion143.6 billion*projected costs

As per, the above chart shows costs for 2022 and projected costs for 2023. As you can see, pet care costs have increased by about 7 billion dollars since last year, approximately a 5% increase.

Due to the rising costs, many people surrender their pets to shelters. However, the above tips may help you cut some costs for pet care.


The tips mentioned in this article may help with ideas to help cut the costs of caring for your pet. Even with the rising pet care costs due to inflation, know that you do not need to spend all your money to be a good pet parent.

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