Cat Vs Dogs- Which is Your Ideal Pet

By on March 28, 2021

Do you love both cats and dogs, considering keeping one as a pet, but confused? Well, you can always adopt both, but that may not be an option always. Here are a few comparisons that will make selecting one easier.

1. The Time You Can Spend with Your Pet:

Both dogs and cats have different needs for your time. While dogs are pack animals who need to mostly follow the pack leader around and stay close most of the time, cats are pretty independent. This only means you cannot leave your dog alone for a long duration as they may start feeling anxious, and on the other hand, cats can be easily left alone for hours. Cats can also climb easily, making it easy for them to run from danger and make them independent, whereas your furry dog will depend on you, the pack leader, to keep him or her safe.

2. How Affectionate You Want Your Pet to be Towards You:

Dogs are extremely affectionate towards their owners from the beginning. They are all about wanting your attention and pleasing you. Whereas cats are lone hunters and do not necessarily wag their tails to grab their owner’s attention. This does not mean they do not like their owners; in fact, they may develop that bond with time, but it does not happen instantly like for dogs.

3. How Often Do You Move Place:

Honestly, dogs do not care for the number of times you move as they only care to be around you. Cats are known to be more comfortable in one place as they mark their territory, which only means moving will cause a lot of stress to them. If you keep moving frequently, then probably avoid adopting a pet cat.

4. Ease of Training:

When it comes to training a dog, it is much easier as they already have the mentality to follow their pack leader. You can teach them to follow commands if you know how to train them well. On the other hand, it is not that easy to train a cat to do the same. They may not learn all those commands and tricks like a dog, hence focusing on training them to establish boundaries as that is more essential. On the other hand, house training a cat is much easier than a dog. You just need to show them the litter box once, and they will know what to do next time. Training your puppy to do the same will take positive reinforcements and a lot of repetitions.

5. Consider Your Home Space:

Dogs can live in a small apartment, but you have to take them out frequently to get the much-needed exercise, especially if you have adopted a large breed dog. For such dogs, a large apartment with a big balcony or a backyard is ideal. There are small dogs such as the dachshund, which will fit right into small apartments, and you can easily find dachshund puppies for sale in California. On the other hand, cats can live in a small space as they are small and can easily get their needed physical activity even in a small apartment.

The Bottom Line:

Remember, all cats and dogs are not alike. If you choose one, do research different breeds of them as their personality may vary based on the breed you select.

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