Danger to pets looms everywhere during holiday gatherings- be careful!

By on December 7, 2013

From coastalpoint.com- The holidays are usually joyous times for friends and families to get together, be thankful, and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, however, we lose sight of our pets and even forget about their important needs and daily routines. This article gives us some timely tips on how to manage your holiday get-togethers while keeping pets safe.  Among the things pet owners should be mindful of, according to the story, are:

  • Chocolate- holidays breed desserts; especially chocolate ones. Keep chocolate away from the pets. This isn’t an old wife’s tale or myth. It really is dangerous for pets.
  • Christmas trees, ribbons, and wrapping paper- Christmas trees are new and exciting for pets once you bring them into your home. The trouble is, dogs can play with electrical wires, cats can munch on the tree, and all kinds of other things can go wrong. Keep pets away from trees. Also, cats especially love to play with ribbon- even ingest it. Watch out for kitty when you are wrapping paper. Also keep bags and wrapping paper out of reach. We wouldn’t want kitty or anything else getting trapped in a mess of it, would we?
  • All the other edible treats- cats and dogs are always sniffing around for a little handout. Make sure, though, that you and your guests know what can and can’t be given to pets. From the article, the author says, “Many of the foods found at our holiday celebrations can be toxic to our pets. These include, but are not limited to grapes, raisins, chocolate, macadamia nuts, coffee, alcohol, caffeine, avocado, sugar, candy, chewing gum, apple seeds, hops, salt, xylitol and more. These items — even in small amounts, can be dangerous or possibly deadly to your pet. Please, be sure to keep these items away from your pets.”

For more tips, read the entire article at the link above. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

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