Could something your dog loves to do soon be illegal?

By on March 25, 2015

You’ve seen dogs and owners doing this, surely, and you might even be one of the person/dog teams seen navigating your vehicle together, so listen to this: around the country, local and state governments are considering laws to prohibit owners from having dogs on their laps while driving.

Here’s one case from Connecticut: (from Distracted driving comes in many forms- cell phone use, eating, etc. The General Assembly is considering a bill to levy the same penalties against drivers who have a dog on their lap in a moving vehicle.

The arguments against driving with an animal on your lap are that it’s easy to get distracted, your pup can cause you to lose control, and should an accident occur… you can imagine what would happen to you or Fido.

In the link above, Gordon Willard, executive director for the Connecticut Humane Society says, “This is an easy one for us…We always advocate that a pet should not be loose in the car.”

Loose in the car and on the driver’s lap are different things to most, but many organizations advocate for animals to be in crates or otherwise harnessed while cars are moving. The concern is safety, so whatever the safest practice is likely gets the vote of pet lovers.

What say you? There have got to be those who wouldn’t like being told their pups can’t be co-pilots… Do you drive with your dog unrestrained? Does he or she get to sit in the driver’s seat with you?

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