Don’t Lose Your Furry Friends: Track Them With These Methods

By on November 22, 2021

Losing a pet is a devastating feeling. For most people, their furry friends are like family. So, losing track of them feels like a huge loss. Thankfully, technology has advanced and things aren’t like how they once were. 

There’s no more passing out signs in your neighborhood in hopes of recovering your pet. Nowadays, pet trackers are the most advanced way to avoid losing your animal.

 With that said, take a look at the tips below to learn how to keep track of pets.


Pet tags are one of the most common methods of keeping tabs on your pet. A standard collar for your dog or cat should be worn at all times. 

Not only that, but a tag prevents them from being taken in by other families. A collar shows that the pet already has a home. 

Be sure to regularly verify that the tag is in place and that it’s easy to read. Sometimes collars become worn over time, so check them often!

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Get a State License

A state license is a great way to authenticate your pet. Some of the information needed for a license is the pet’s breed, owner contact information, microchip number, etc. If your pet were to become lost, a license would identify them and get them returned to you.


While licenses and tags are useful, they’re a bit outdated. However, microchips are small devices that are inserted underneath your pet’s skin. It’s small, and about the size of a grain of rice. If your pet is found without an ID, a shelter or rescue organization will use a scanner to check the data on the chip. 

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your pet’s chip is registered and up-to-date. Unfortunately, if it’s not updated, it’ll make it a lot harder for the vet or shelter to locate you and return your animal.

Pet Tracker

One of the best options for keeping tabs on your furry friend is using a pet tracker. Yes, chipping your pet is a huge help, and it’s highly recommended. However, a pet tracker allows you to get a faster response if your pet isn’t where they’re supposed to be.

Essentially, it’s a way of preventing your animal from wandering off. Some pet trackers include technology that’ll track your pet when they are out of range, and you’ll receive a notification. That way, you can find them and get them back home before they go too far.

Take Advantage of Pet Trackers

Now that pet trackers are a thing, you don’t have to worry about losing your animal. By taking advantage of one of these tracking options, you’re guaranteed to keep your furry friend close by.

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