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By on March 10, 2014

We and our pets are always on the go. Whatever we can do to entertain ourselves or make life a little easier, we’re up for. That’s why smart phone applications are so useful and popular. We’ve found a list of top pet apps for you to try, so read about them below, download them and enjoy them with your furry friends.

Pet First Aid
Hundreds of articles, videos, and illustrations provide vital information about everything from fractures and sprains to bites and stings. Record vaccinations, allergies, and veterinarian details so your pet’s medical history is all in one place. $4,

We’ve also told you about the American Red Cross’ First Aid App- it’s available for less and can be found in the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Android device.

Everything you need to capture great photos. It makes dozens of different attention-getting sounds and comes with a variety of e-frames. $2,

Dog Whistler
Drill in the concepts of heel, stay, and come with one of the preset whistle patterns, or create your own. Free,

A database of people foods that are—and are not—OK to feed your dog, and explanations about why. $1,

Game for Dogs/Game for Cats
Mobile games for your critters. Some dogs are smitten; cats find it tough to resist. Free,

Paint for Cats
Felines create artwork by swatting around a mouse on an iPad. Images can be easily shared via Facebook. $2,

Know of another fun or useful pet app that is left off this list? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter @PetsInOmaha!

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