Effective Ways Of Communicating Basic Emotions To Your Pooch

By on June 2, 2020

You love your cherished pooch the most in the entire world, right? He is an integral part of your entity for whom ensuring every possible comfort is your top preference. From the excellent quality handmade dog collars to the comfy bed, he undoubtedly deserves the best treatment. You love him, admire him, and feel like screaming and letting the world know about your feelings. But does your beloved friend understand it?

Well, dogs are man’s best companion for thousands of years. They have their own ways to pass their information to humans. You know that your dog waggles his tail when he is excited, understands his expressions when he is aggressive, and so on. You also want your pooch to understand and get your information or feelings, right? Though not all, you wish your pooch understands at least two of your basic emotions: love and anger.

Some Effective Means to Communicate Basic Emotions to your Dog

You both might have developed an understanding of communication, but still, there may arise some confusion that can frustrate you both. Well, you need nonverbal communicative ways to let your dog understand your feelings. Now, let’s get insight into some of the effective means to let your furry friend understand your essential sentiments.

Love or Happiness

You love your pooch, but it becomes a bit tricky to let him understand that. Those tasty treats, toys, and colors are not sometimes enough to let him know how special he is. You might be struggling to give him a big hug or a little squeeze, right? Though hugging is a natural gesture of expressing love in humans, canines may seem a bit uncomfortable if you hug them.

You can feed him treats, but too many of them are not healthy for him. Well, you obviously don’t want your puppy to become obese and unhealthy. Then how can you show your love to your cherished friend?

One very effective way is to gaze into his eyes. Spend time with him, cuddle him softly, speak to him, and make eye contact. You can effectively connect with him by raising your eyebrows.

Another effective way to show your love is to rub the back of his ears smoothly. Pups love this way of affection as it increases the discharge of endorphins, a hormone that is responsible for stimulating joy and relieving pain. You can also rub his belly, another part having extremely sensitive nerve endings, to let him drift off into the doggy heaven!

Spend time with him playing or walking outside. Gift him toys and teach him new skills, or train him. This way he will understand your emotions towards him.

Have you noticed your puppy leaning into you while spending time with you? It is his own way of hugging his master and showing love. You can also do alike while talking to the pooch to express your feelings.

Though dogs don’t love hugs, they enjoy cuddling. It will make him sense the shelter you are ensuring. You may also bestow your love and affection by allowing him to sleep with you at night.

Many puppy parents treat their dogs like their children. But you have to understand their distinct nature as well. Don’t try to limit his inherent nature as it can cause stress and nervousness.

Gift him comfy cosy bedding if it is not possible to let him sleep in your bed. Offer him your absolute attention while spending time with him, as he doesn’t want anything to share your attention. After all, your expressions and actions are million times effective in expressing your love.


Canines can sense the feelings of the people they like using their power of smell. There is an increase in the production of sweating when we feel annoyed. Our beloved furry friends guess it by smelling.

You may stop gazing at him, or raise your voice when you are a bit mad at him. Believe it or not, your little friend feels offended when you express such indications.

Dogs of different breeds react in different ways in such situations. Some may look at you with ‘sweet little puppy eye,’ some may start barking or snarling, get terrified, and search for a place to hide or proceed to you gently, giving an expression that he will set everything fine.

Train your Dog to Communicate Better

One very effective way of training your dog to communicate more effectively is to take him outside and let him interact with people. The more he interacts with people, the more he will learn about different emotions and understand them better.

Dogs have their inherent signals to let you know what they want. For example, they may do pawing or head tilting to go outside or rolling over to let you know they want scratches.

Training him to communicate through different gestures is another useful way. You can make a routine and train him so that he can understand your gestures and communicate accordingly.

Dogs learn better through repetitive activities. You can get him involved in different activities and games to accelerate his training.

Interacting with your pup is the best way to increase the intimacy between you both. When you spend time with him, bestow your affection upon him, and communicate in the way he understands, he can conceive it and give you the love you desire.

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