Every Pet Matters helps the homeless and their animals

By on March 11, 2019

Times can get tough for anyone. And when those hard times effect the animals of folks struggling to squeeze by, it can seem especially difficult. Luckily, there are people who care about the well-being of some of the area’s most vulnerable, including their pets.

We recently heard of a program, Every Pet Matters, that aims to help those animals owned by folks on the brink. Veterinarians and other volunteers have held a free clinic at the Siena-Francis House, coming to the aid of animals who needed shots or checkups while their people worked to put things back together. More clinics are on the way, too.

In this KETV article, it’s said that the idea for the free clinic hatched when Contessa Crees, board member of Omaha Wags to Riches, partnered with the Street Dog Coalition, based out of Colorado. “They offer free veterinary care for low-income and near-homeless and homeless people, and so, in conjunction with that, we started collecting donations from the community,” Crees said to Omaha’s local ABC affiliate.

Every Pet Matters hosts free clinics every month at the Siena/Francis House and Open Door Mission.

Learn more about the program and how you can help by visiting this page.

This winter has been a rough one, but it’s a little warmer for some through the efforts of people who think everyone deserves the opportunity to care for an animal, regardless of how tough life makes it to have one.

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