Pick a Pooch Event Featured Demonstration: Training to Prevent Surrenders

By on July 12, 2016

We’ve been partners with Kelley McAtee and Dharma Dog Training for a long time, friends for longer. In a city of our size, there are plenty of dog trainers. She’s among the best around and we’re proud to present her as a feature of our Pick-a-Pooch event this weekend.

Her focus will be on a number of things, including training pets (and people) in order to prevent surrendering of animals because the relationship isn’t working. Read an article she helped us write earlier this year about surrenders by clicking here.

At the event, Kelley will be speaking about the pet overpopulation problem in our country and the importance of events like Pets in Omaha’s Pick a Pooch Adoption Days. “The number one reason that pets are returned to shelters and rescues in our country is because of behavior problems,” she says. Kelley will explain how Dharma’s training works in terms of communicative leash work and pressure/release theory to help with the mental health aspects of dogs. Barry is one of her pups and they’ll demonstrate together how Dharma uses a leash to communicate to a dog and then talk about training plans, plus how develop life skills for your dogs.

Kelley will also speak about Dharma’s New Adopter Program because many folks attending the event will soon become new pet owners.

Dharma is partnering with veterinarian Dr. Drew in a combined talk that will focus on the physical health issues dogs have and how these issues present themselves through behavior issues.  Kelley will use her experience as a talking point, focusing on what she sees in many of her trainees; behavioral problems that owners don’t think they can fix is the number one reason for surrenders.

Dr. Drew plans on talking about the resources available for people and his work in regards to developing medications. Certain medications have helped animals with behavioral problems and the doc will speak on how meds and continuing research seeks to figure out ways to help more dogs and people.


Over 100 booths filled with people who love animals, have adoptable animals, educational information, and products for you and your pets will likely be enough to hold your interest for the duration of our event, but Kelley and Dr. Drew will provide yet another reason to come to Ralston Arena Saturday, July 16 and 17 for our Pets in Omaha Adoption Days event.

Come out, enjoy the pet community, and learn along the way. And don’t forget about the screening of “Dog by Dog,” a documentary film we’ll be showing Saturday night a 7 p.m. You can buy tickets at the event Saturday, or you can by tickets at the Dog by Dog website here.

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