Fifteen Animal Stories you may not have heard in 2013

By on January 10, 2014

From Yahoo!- We pet and animal lovers read a lot about cute animals, interesting stories, and great discoveries, but Yahoo! has recently released a list of 15 stories you may have missed from the recently completed year of 2013. Check out the article here or look below for an abbreviated listing of the stories.

1. Iran said it successfully sent monkey Pishgam into space

2. Adelaide dog Charlie claimed loudest bark record

3. Lone goat Wategoat evaded capture after daring rescue bid

4. Gippsland covered in veil of spider webs after heavy rain

5. Bazz the beekeeping dog suited up for a day in the hives

6. Couple told to get rid of dozens of pigs living in their home

7. ‘Teddy bear’ carnivore discovered in cloud forests

8. Australian blobfish won title of world’s ugliest animal

9. Booze-stealing feral pig Swino ran riot at camp sites

10. Farm animals Kevin Bacon and Bradley got lost and found

11. Military Working Dog Turk retired to live with handler

12. Abandoned puppy Rupee trekked to Everest Base Camp

13. Emus took over Longreach streets searching for food

14. Unlikely friendship developed between baby goat and bullock

15. Sea eagle filmed itself stealing camera near croc meat trap

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