For the Love of Dog: 6 Things to Buy For Your New Puppy

By on April 12, 2019

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and different experience for you and your family. Puppies provide great companionship to their owners. Acquiring a puppy, however, is a lifetime commitment, this means that even though dogs can thrive on love and attention, raising a puppy can be frustrating sometimes as it comes with a lot of needs. One the need is supplied. These supplies are the things that will help your new puppy stay healthy, content and happy in its new home.

The following is a list of six things to buy for your new puppy to help it settle into its new home;

1. Collar, Harness, and Leash

Your puppy will need a collar, harness, and leash for the first day. A collar and leash are essential as they aid in identifying your puppy if it gets loose, walking and training of the puppy. A harness may be more advisable to use on your puppy during walks than a collar, the harness is soft and reduces the chances of the puppy choking on it if he pulls the leash. It is advisable that both the harness and restraint are adjustable as the puppy is still growing and will require more space on the dog leash. The adjustable/retractable leash will come in handy during the daily walk when you need a short leash and during obedience training when you will require a more extended restraint. Some helpful articles at puppy pointers tackled about selecting a harness based on the uses, sizes and other factors.

2. Bedding

Puppies love to play. They alternate this period of play with long periods of sleep. Puppies love the security and comfort of their beds, and since puppies are used to sleeping in warm environments, you should make sure that you get soft, gentle, comfortable and warm bedding’s that can withstand a lot of washing. The bed should not be too big or too small, just big enough for the puppy to stretch out and sit up while inside.

3. Chew toys

Puppies teeth just like babies. A new puppy will chew anything it comes across including your shoes and furniture. The best way to keep them from destroying your home is by getting them a few different dog chew toys. Toys are also a great way of stimulating and keeping your puppy happy and also help in exercising the puppies jaws. When choosing a toy, try picking one that the puppy cannot swallow or choke on.


4. Dog waste supplies

With puppies, accidents are bound to happen, especially if it is yet to be potty trained. As a responsible dog owner, you are required to pick up after your pet; this is the main reason you should get supplies like Disposable papers, dog waste bags, disinfectants, and household gloves.

5. Dog food and bowls

Puppies need certain specific nutrients for their full growth and development. It is vital that you buy quality food and ensure that it feeds properly and is well hydrated. It is advisable that you keep feeding your puppy the same feed he was weaned with and when making changes to the type of food, make the changes gradually. It is a good idea to use stainless steel or ceramic made feeding bowls.

6. Grooming tools

Grooming of puppies is essential for the health of its coat and skin. The Grooming routine often depends on the dog breed and if it has a long or short coat. It is advisable to start grooming your puppy early and in short sessions so that the puppy accepts it. Some essential dog grooming tools includes; Dog shampoo, toenail clippers, Dog toothbrush, and paste, dog ear cleaner among others. If you’re planning to trim your dog’s fur you’ll also need to get a set of solid dog clippers. Key factors for choosing the right clippers include your dog’s fur length, number of speeds, and to go corded or cordless as explained here:

Taking care of a new puppy can be a hard task, but by ensuring that you have all the supplies listed above your work will be much easier. You may not have thought of all these supplies, but now that you have a complete list you are ready to go shopping.

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